Thursday, April 12, 2012

4/12 - Battle of the BIG BAITS.

Alrighty's getting into that season that has me as a "Angler myself" liking to experiement. And experiment with BIG BAITS for BIG FISH.

Yes, I get asked all the time from customers "Hey Dave, do you ever go fishing yourself......?" Guessing they are thinking on the mind set that, Auto Mechanics always seem to drive beat-up junky smoking cars. And Roofers have leaks in the ceiling of their houses.

My answer is YES. I tell folks, "I was a absolute die hard angler long before I went into the charter biz. And yes, I wish I could fish alone more."

With that said, the only difference between my customers and myself is; I don't have to go out and catch fish or get a bite consistently to be happy. As an "Angler", I like to do a certain style of fishing, on a certain tide, a certain day, with a certain bait, during a certain season. With certain tackle, for a certain species.  That "certainly" is spacific isn't it?

I go through phases, alot of them.

My new deal is checking out all the newest big fish lure. Baits for either monster Trout, Redbass, or even Cobia, Tarpon and King Mackerel.

You may have read lately on other posts, I'm facinated with Larry Dahlbergs WideGlide 200 Sub–Surface bait. At 5 ounces, and 8 inches this ain't for casting with your fairy wand. Larry developed this bait in his basement and now is availible from River2Sea. A serious Mullet imitator! The bait hangs just under the water, and when you snap the rod tip it glides several feet from side to side and shakes a bit at the pause.

This is a BIG FISH bait. But in my mind, it's no different than a 5 pound Trout I caught once along the bulkhead of the new port just past the Dames Point, that not only ate a live shrimp on a float-rig. But also had a 12" mullet in it's mouth. Tail sticking out the Trouts mouth, while the mullets body was wedged in it's throat. AND IT STILL WENT FOR A 2" LIVE SHRIMP!

I want my WideGlide to be that Mullet!


The other lures for inshore/offshore/off beach casting is the Shimano Waxwing. Unlike the WideGlide, that has to be worked with the rod tip, Shimano has come up with a "do nothing" bait targeted towards the offshore fisherman. The Waxwing comes in all kinds of sizes, so to "match the hatch" to bait sizes offshore. But all you need to do is make a long cast, let it hit the water and reel. By design it swims and swims eratically back and forth in long sweeping angles, then "kicks" and shoots off quickly. Like a "fleeing" bait fish.

But of course Shimano also has the complete Waxwing system, (it's a Japanese thing I'm guessing) because they continually do it. New rods, reels and gear to go with the Waxwing fishing.

Those wings are the secret formula, besides it weighing a certain amount. The lure has kingfish written all over it to me, when cast near a school of baitfish like cigar minnows or herring on the surface near a wreck or ledge offshore.
Lots and lots of Cuda's too, when in N.E. Florida waters!

When it's hot as all hell, the inshore fishing is like fishing in a steam bath. I'm going to reefs like JW, MR, NM, PG, PM, and my all time favorite RL, and will be doing some casting into those bait schools!


Next up is one I'm sure you haven't seen yet or even heard of. It's hard (ish) to find and is so different it could only come from Europe. The JIG WOBBLER.

Straight from Finland, where large Pike rule the waters, along with jumbo Salmon types. The Jig Wobbler is so cool I had to try it.

The lure has a heavy head, with that heavy wire to keep "bite-off's" from toothy critters at bay, then jointed to a heavy plastic body with rattles and a diving lip.  Check out this swimming action!

Out of all three lure I've shown you. If you're looking for a one-bait-catches-all option, the Jigwobbler is very worthy of consideration.

So stay tuned, this is what I do on my days off (especially when I have plenty of trout in the fridge)


I hope to do some "CHUM" fishing reef trips this summer. Get 30 pounds of Pogies, throw a few in the livewell, head offshore to place like I mentioned above. Anchor up or even drift if there's some wind. Get the "chum chopper" going.....


Then, wait to see who shows up! Have rods rigged and ready to either drift out a lively Pogie, Cigar Minnow etc. Or Cast with spin tackle to a sighted fish. Sounds F-U-N to me. And who knows what will show up. All the while I'll also have my NEW LURES ready.

Book your "DEEP" summer trips NOW!


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