Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15 - There they go......

I'm doing my best to track the Trout. Basically a guessing game. My fishing buddy Doc Miller has the right idea, head to his other home come April 15th, up in the mountains of N.C. this time of year. Because as a "die hard" Trout man, they just get so hard to stay ahead of come Summer.

I've been fishing lately as far away as I can from the inlet. Because lately it's been pretty good action where I've been. But today was really tough. Yeah we caught Trout, but had to weed through all the undesirables too.
Hell, at least I'm not giving every live shrimp to a Bluefish. Like I was just a few weeks ago along the jetties. Yes, the Bluefish can, have and always will "run me outa town". Just the same way you won't catch a Trout in the middle of a bluefish bite!

Had Dave W. aboard today all the way from Hollywood, California. We did it all.....and some more. The wind was a huge problem when looking to catch some mullet for Redbass bait. Never could get any.

And at high tide the popping corks and live shrimp never found anything but a Flounder and a few ladies. So when all else fails I went to the float-rig and we finally found some trout.

Good size ones too. Even had a 23 incher with not the first "speck" on it. Totally, "speckless" was this Speckled Sea Trout.

One Flounder, we didn't bother to keep and a handful of small Sand Trout and 10 Specks. And my goodness did we work for them.

It's time to fish with mullet. Now only if I could catch me some!

I got Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday to try.

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