Friday, April 13, 2012

4/13 - Windy...."Kids trip"

Whewwwwwww.......was it blowing like hell out there today. Headed out early to R&D some of the lures I mentioned in yesterday's post.

Found that the "Jig Wobbler" has real quality problems. Caught two Ladyfish on it, but before it was even bit, the paint was wearing off, and by days end, or I should say, "by the time I gave up because of the wind." The lure had lost an eye, and 3/4's of the paint job. AND THAT WAS JUST FROM CASTING AND RETIEVING!!

So of course, without saying the fine folks at have been notified.

Here's a review link of some of the lures I discussed earlier.


Had my two hour KIDS TRIP, with two dads and two 5 year olds today, from 4pm-6pm. The 20 knot EAST winds put KYBOSH on anything like trolling the jetties for Spanish and Blues. So I tried it in the river. The tide and wind pushed me so fast a Bluefish would have to turn into a Wahoo to chase down the spoons I had out behind the boat.

So I went to a "tie-off" spot. So I didn't have to anchor up, and flipped out dead shrimp on the bottom for the kids. First fish was a Black Drum at 5 pounds.

Then, after a few good bites missed. A few ladyfish jumps, the boys reeled in a Small Jack and a Seabass. As the boat whipped back and forth in the wind.

The Drum was undressed and ended up in the fryer over at Singletons Seafood Shack, by 6:30pm.


Sunday: one person crew
Monday: 4 person crew
Tuesday: one person crew
Weds: 4 person crew
Friday: 3 person crew

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