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4/30 - Aussie style....chumming made EZ

Us with custom alloy plate boats...for the layman "aluminum welded boats".
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You have to look no further than Australia for innovative ideas. Since they are the KINGS of alloy plate boat building.

Being a moderator and founding member of we have many active members who not only have alloy plate boats, but we have designers and builders too.

So when I saw fishing boats built down under with the most ingenious chum chopper built right into the boat. I had to have one!
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But, I was no stranger to an "Aussie Burley Bucket". I had one on my old fiberglass 23' MayCraft center console for 10 years.
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See it....bolted to stern?

I found one that Aussie big game angler Dennis Braid brought here from his home land. He called it the chum-mate. And to tell ya how long ago that was, my first chum mate was bought at E&B Marine for a mere $60.00.
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E&B Marine was bought out and I believe WEST Marine was the buyer. So yeah, I'm dating myself here a little.

The Chum mate was a plastic bucket, 24" long and flat on the back, with holes drilled in the sides and bottom. With it came a PVC pipe, with a SS chopping blades on the bottom. That was the chopper part.

All the while I had this Chum-mate lag bolted to my MayCraft's flat transom. I'd see absolute crazy chumming devices coming out on the scene.

Oh how I'd laugh.....Electra-Mates bolted to a metal meat grinder?? And you plug it in and use your batteries to run the Electra-Mate to turn the meat grinder, while it sat perched atop a cutting board bolted to a pole holder down-rigger mount? Are ya kidding me? Lazy Americans, is all I can say.
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Those giant tubes with a pump handle you hang over the side of the boat. How cumbersome...
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Expensive as all hell, burlap bags filled with fish meal pellets, soaked with oils? That last an hour or so?
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Those nasty boxes of chum, and the chum bags that hang over the side afterwards you have to store yet aother piece of trash in the boat??

C'mon folks. There's an easier way.

Here in N.E. Florida most everyone fishes with Pogies, aka: Menhaden. Yankees call them BUNKA'.

Oily by nature and easy to catch in shallow water, and okay as baits (although they don't live all that long) Compared to chasing the "speedy Mullet", they're a dream. Toss a net and watch the net swim away, full.

If ya need more toss the net again and you'll have all the chum you need, if you have a Chum-Chopper like an Aussie Angler.

Here's a picture of mine. I had it welded right into the platform on the stern of my boat.

I know there's all kinds of styles of chumming. Some people make a kid and have him earn his keep and sit there dropping cut pieces over the side all day long. Whatever...

But, there's absolutely no doubt that the Australians have it all over the Americans when it comes to the K.I.S.S rule.

Here's a YOUTUBE Video of mine in action, right after I had it welded into the boat. Just out sea-trialing it at the Mayport Jetties.


Oh...I watch those TV shows with the Key's dudes in those 40 foot Yellowfin center consoles and 5 300 Mercs across the stern and see them chumming with a cutting board in a rod holder, cutting baits and making a huge mess. In thier 300K boat.

You mean to tell me $300K doesn't buy you a better way to chum fish?????

For more information, search "BURLEY BUCKET" on Google, select "images" and you'll be amazed at what you'll see from Down Under.




The St. Johns River from the inlet to the Arlington area of the south-side. Hunting Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Black Drum. All "very light tackle" fishing, either bottom fishing with Mullet or Pogey's, or Float-rig fishing with live shrimp. Other seasonal species we just can't avoid are Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish, and some Bluefish. "They like to eat good food too"

My specialty is Float-rig fishing. My customers love it and so do I. You are in charge of your destiny. You are drifting a slip float rig with the current/tide, over structure. The float is set at a depth via a stopper knot on the line. Low profile Shimano Citica bait casting reels are used because it's the best reel for the job, and has a high speed retrieve, to quickly pick up any slack line when your float disappears under water. Which means FISH ON!
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4/27/2012 Dave with twin 5 pounders.
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Bait is live shrimp. Soft action rods are used for not pulling the hook on the soft mouthed Speckled Trout, which along with others, is the "targeted species". Small hooks, light leaders, and bottom structure, are fished. Just like my winter charters. Can make this challenging, for all.

We also utilize light spinning tackle and popping corks and live shrimp, when fishing structure in shallow water. Making a bit of noise to attract fish to the live shrimp.
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"Hollywood California Dave"
with a nice 4 pounder.
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Bob "traveller" Johnson with a Poppin' Cork Redbass
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My Dad, with his largest ever Trout on float-rig.

Any bottom fishing this time of year means we need fresh live Mullet or Pogey's, that I'll catch in my castnet, while we're out. This targets, larger Redfish. And the occasional large Jack Cravalle. Time must be spent catching these baits "fresh" for it all to come together. And again, TIDES means everything. Unlike fishing a lake, or pond. Your day can be based on what the tide's doing, that day.
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Jetty Redbass on Live Pogie bottom fishing.


First thing, we need a good amount of chum. So that means getting some live pogey's. Not only for the baitwell, but for the "chum chopper". Which is what I'll use to make an enticing slick behind the boat once we reach our reef location. Usually from 6-12 miles offshore. We can also "jig-up" some live Cigar Minnows, Herring, and Sardines, when offshore. Either setting up a drift, or anchoring. We'll watch for participants in the chum line, and set out baits. King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Shark, Barracuda, Bonita, can be the targeted species.
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These trips start early and finish before any summer squals come our way. And are usually booked starting in June, and can be done "per the weather" throughout the summer months.

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****If you're looking for a charter within three days. Don't e-mail. Just Call! So I can plan and get you reserved.

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