Friday, May 4, 2012

5/3 - Early try at Reef Chum fishing......

Solo, of course. But had to try. Got the "chum-chopper" so went and used it. After loading up on lil' stinkers. 1st spot 5 miles out of the jetties. 2nd spot, almost 5 more miles. It was rough as a dang C-O-B! Not for the faint of "stomach". Pogies Galore, small ones. Not much happening at either spot. Came in towards the beach 40' of water, while on the cell-phone, what do I see swim right behind me? At least a 50 pound Cobia. I fed it a few dead pogies to keep it near me, then tossed it my 8-1/2" Dalhberg 'Wide-Glide'. I came over thinking BIG Mullet and sucked it up. Drag smoking on my Shimano Curado 300EJ, "Oh yeah baby!" Then the hook pulled. ^%^@%^#*&^%&*^%$@!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was it. Heard of a bunch of Cobia caught. Seemed like bottom fishing boats had the best luck with Cobs swimming up to the boat. Same as last year. When I'm DONE and OVER IT, here one comes. I'll try again, later.

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