Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6/11 - "was busy"....

This started off as being a banner week (end). Originally, I had Friday thru Monday reserved. Which was great. But when it's all said and done. The only people I actually got out were "REGULAR CUSTOMERS". That's why my regular's get the best treatment I can provide.

Last post was about fishing in the rain on Saturday. Then, my Sunday charter cancelled, which shouldn't have because it was a beautiful day. Not all people understand Florida weather, patterns...."that's why you are hiring ME!".

Then, I had long time customer Dave C. along with his wife (her first time out) and the two grandkids. It was a super nice morning. Calm, sunny and the kids had a ball, because there's tons of small fish out there willing to bite.
Perfect for the little kids. (under 10-12 years old)

Because of all the rain and storms, we now have the perfect KID situation. Usually, as in past years it's hot, no wind, and not all that great of fishing for small kids who have a small patience level.

But, my last two trips have been for the kids, and it proved to be pretty dang good (comparitively speaking).

Today, the kids made it or would have made it longer than Dave and his wife! They never once complained and were a joy to have aboard and we fished almost a complete day. From up in the river and finished at the jetties/inlet.

Catching Whiting, Pup Drum, Croakers, Yellowmouth Trout, and several more species. Just bottom fishing. And  as their fishing coach. I can see the kids shine! And quickly get better and better as the day went on.

Well, I start next weekend with another REGULAR customer and his buddy, with their two kids too. It's that time of year folks!

If you have real little ones. I can also do a 2 hour "kids trip". But other than that, the day is at the regular price. But small children "ride for free". So there is a bit of a discount for a 6 hr day if "One" child is aboard.

Here's some happy kids (5 & 9) who caught fish after fish:


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