Sunday, June 10, 2012

6/9 - Our best shot.

Back when there was no rains, the sun was shining, and the wind wasn't blowing in May. No one wanted to go fishing.

Today, I headed out with regular customer Jason and his 9 year old son Preston. My whole plan with Preston is to keep him catching, aka: "Busy".  If the chance for some big fish fishing shows up Jason is all aboat it.

I live five minutes from the dock, but am always the first one there of the regular weekend charter fleet. It's dark, when I pull into the bait shop and get some supplies. Then head to the boat ramp..........WHY?  Why do I do that?  I guess, I think just incase something goes wrong I can give my customers a heads-up, before they get all the way to the dock. Being early and ever ready is in my DNA.

But usually, I sit there, and sit there. Today, on the last of the falling tide the boat sat slamming into the dock as a SWELL pushed all the way in the inlet and up the river, as the tide fell against the 15 kt. ESE winds. (remind self, put buoy back in boat to use as a bumper!!)

Ya know, the CITY was going to give us more docks at the Mayport Boat ramp. Teeing off the ends of the docks already there. Last year they even drilled down to see what the bottom composition was before they were to pound down pilings.
But that's where it ended. Who? Besides myself  (and Lt. Mike a buddy in the Sherriffs Dept. who asked me last week about it) would pay a small annual fee for the boat ramp to be much better?  IE: cleaner, better docks, fish cleaning dock, running water, better lighting.

Yeah, it looked like rain. But not a drop fell as I waited for Jason and litl' Preston to arrive at 0730 hrs.

Here's the footage at the ramp at 7am:

IF I have kids aboard, it's usually all about them. So we fished shrimp and Preston caught everything from Croakers to Whiting, small Jacks, Ladyfish, SeaBass, & Yellowmouth Trout. When we left the dock, the "jetties" were certainly not in my sights. But then again, I went "WEST", tossed the anchor and here it came.

We sat in a Epic down pour!  Yeah, me in new leather shoes that "may be" dry by July. And as the day went on, it was on and off rain all day.

I commend Jason & Preston as they both made the best of it. It was either today, or Tuesday. So that's like saying, "6 of one a half dozen of the other."  Because the forecast looks no different!!

My Sunday charter cancelled. As I sit here at 7am with no rain or even a breeze at my house. And of course I have two more kids on Monday's charter. Paying the bills sure is tough this summer, so far!!!



 The sun just came out...what is that? Not used to such bright light.

We really should have been out there TRACKIN' T-REX TROUTZ.

I only had one person, and since Beryl have not tracked trout outa Mayport, yet!!

By the way, no one books any charters outside 2 weeks time. As per my policies:
That means any cancellations looses deposits, if not re-scheduled. outside 14 days!

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