Thursday, June 7, 2012

6/7 - Mystical Morning....

Well, I had plans to go do a little fishing this morning, before the burial at sea I was doing for some folks at 9am.
So I get to the boat ramp and talk to my customer......

(Yeah, I do all kinds of other boat for hire services. From Burials at sea to taking construction companies out to inspect bridges, surveyors, land buyers, you name it. The Jettywolf can usually do it.)

I tell him, "It looks like it's about to rain any minute." As he said, "well, we'll probably be early ,instead of 9am." So I figured I best not go toss a bait. But as soon as the boat floated off the trailer he came some serious rain. So I sat and waited. Rain jacket on, shoes soaking wet, I sat under the benches with the roofs next to the dumpster and watched the ever dilegent Seagulls pick and eat the Maggots that were crawling out of a drain hole at the bottom of the dumpster. Real boat ramp entertainment, huh??

Then, my folks arrived. We eventually took off towards the jetties to head out offshore a bit. But as we went, the sky opened and the blue shined through. And as I broke the jetties the sun shined and it got warm. My crew did what they had to do. A double burial at Sea. And let go some flowers also. And right then, two Dolphins came up.  And headed straight for my boat. It was kind of amazing! The sun, and then the Dolphins, and we watched as they swam right up under my drifting boat.

Hmmmmm...a somber day. But it made me think, this was something more than just good timing.
There was a complete circle around the inlet of clouds and rain.

With a hole of blue and that was right above us.


On another note and as my continuing devotion to Alloy Education on this blog. I present to you the METAL SHARK 40 FEARLESS

Yeah, "IT'S ALLOY", aluminum for you layman. And of all places.......Florida Sportsman!

Yellowfin's maybe all over the TV and all over the magazines. But I have the guts to say, they're just another "Florida Bitch Magnet boat".

I stood in AWE, when I saw this boat in Venice La. last Feb. TUFF hardly discribes this boat. The "double consoles" is what kicked me into if I had the casholla, I'd have one in my stable for sure!

Check it out here


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