Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7/10 - Sticky & windy

Had Mike M. a regular customer and his brother-in-law Jeremy aboard. Their wives bought them a Father's day trip. So we went out today.

REALLLLLLLY, wished I had my Fish finder/GPS/Chart plotter display iunit back from repairs, because we would have headed out and did some "LT" bottom fishing on some near-shore ledges. But, I wasn't getting it till later in the day via Fedex.

So, instead we headed to Nassua Sound. Yep, 3rd trip flying by the seat of my pants up there, running the bars, but at least it's all sand. So all that could happen is taking more paint off the lower unit, and certainly a sand bar won't hurt the Jettywolf!

We ran the ocean up to the sound, but first stopped and tried to catch some Pogies that were off the North Jetty out deep.
A bit futile, so we left them and went looking up off Amelia Island. That was almost futile too.

Did find some, but they were so scattered. Found some nice chunky Threadfins on the rip line up there. And I actually caught some in my cast net, as they are usually too fast to catch.

We tossed out some cut shrimp for baits and caught some Whiting, while waiting on the tide to get the pogies corraled.
And then, it was so easy! In 6 foot of water, versus 46' of water catching Pogies is a dream!

We chummed and fished a new slew up there that runs from inside the sound to the south. But the action was really slow.
Wanting TARPON as usual, settling for some sharks. But it just wasn't happening. We caught a few small Bonnetheads, but that wasn't the target.

Made a few moves and finally got some line pullers. Bonnetheads of various sizes.

The action was good for about 30 minutes.

And FINALLY, we caught something in 3 trips up there that wasn't a Bonnetthead shark, but rather a Mini-Blacktip.

The action slowed to zero. So we went and fished the S. Amelia rocks. By now the ocean was kinda kicking up, but it wasn't even close to the south Jetty in January. So I anchored up outside the rocks and we gave it a try. I told the guys that in the spring time, I've had Black Drum and just about everything else here. So, being 100 degrees and windy. We just gave it a few minutes. The small bait stealers as usual in N.E. Florida were rabid. And Mike and Jeremy caught small Spadefish and a small Mangrove Snapper, on pieces of dead shrimp.

NO BIG FISH PRESENT.....seemed to be the theme of the day!

I picked up my Shimano Trevalla rod, with the Shimano TranX reel on it, with a Shimano Waxwing jig tied on and said,
"I bet if there's a Jack around here, it'll eat this in a minute"

I made a long bombing cast up to the end of the rocks and whammm-O. A Jack jumped on the jig. And a bunch were following.

A blind squirrel, finds an acorn every once in awhile, huh?  This was the first FISH I've caught on a Waxwing jig and have thrown it in the river and jetties for 6 months!!

Guess, I won't be making any Shimano Waxwing Youtube videos for Shimano any time soon huh?

I made another cast, and I caught a second Jack. Then, the Ladyfish were following it as I made more casts. I guess the Waxwing is another fisherman catcher?

I saw reds & Trout caught on them....but that was in Louisiana, not J-ville, Fla.
I'll keep trying..."for a Trout!"
Guess, I'll try it offshore some day and maybe I can do better with it.

Thank goodness for the I.C.W.

Because it would have been one wet and wild ride back via the Ocean in the 15-20 knot, SE seabreeze. Usually I don't stay out this long, but it was a tough ass day, and I worked very hard to get something, that never wanted to really get going, to start. And it took a long time to do it.

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