Monday, July 9, 2012

7/9 - another "KIDS" Trip

Had another 2 hour kids trip today, or rather this morning.....
Departed around 7:30am with a record breaking 4 kids, and don't think a one was over 4. But, two dad's had two each. So we made it work.

Started out at the jetties, then we worked outside the surf drifting a few bottom rigs. Catching the kids some Whiting, and a small shark. The kids were freaking out, of course.

Then one got a bit seasick, I guess. So we went back into the river and finished up catching Yelllowmouth Trout, Croakers and Jacks.

Let's see.... they screamed, cried, fought, yelled, ate, drank, and threw-up.

As I told the dad's, I don't need to "have any kids, myself". I get to have them out on the Jettywolf almost every trip, from May till late August.
During the falling tide at 7am this morning, I tested the salinaty of the river. It was a 24 PPT (parts per thousand) where as the ocean is a 32-34 PPT. I figured that since the river's so dark and dirty that it would have been alot less salty.

Next up:

Getting my sounder back from repairs on Tueday. (in which T.S. Beryl claimed with rain intrusion) But that won't help me with tomarrows charter 7/10. So even though I wanted to take regular customer Mike M. and his brother in law offshore to some near shore reefs. I can't, because I won't have my scope or GPS display till when I get home

So we'll go chum fish up at Nassua Sound, instead.

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