Thursday, July 26, 2012


Yeah, the heat is only for DIE-HARDS. Just like when it's 22 degrees in Feb at 7am and the Trout are chewin', ya better be ready if ya want to catch them.

There's alot about fishing that's for real die hards, and 110 in the shade is one of them. But those fried Trout sandwiches, and cold PBR's after a good day make it all worth it for me.

Here's a L-O-N-G video of my R&D day. And finished the day as both camera batteries went dead, with 4 Yellowmouth Trout.

NEVER took any bait. Jus' soft plastics and jigheads. From first to last cast!

Yeah, can believe it. The float-freak left his float-rig rods at home.

Enjoy....and crack open a cool one. Your gonna need it.

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