Thursday, July 26, 2012

7/26 - A day these kids should never forget!

Had John & Terrie S. aboard the Jettywolf, today. I've know John and Terrie for a long time. They were members of the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club, years ago. Own a boat and everything. But the boat was under the weather and John told me he just wanted to get his kids out, for some shark fishing before they went back to school.

I told him, no problem. Let's try Thursday. His kids are boat savvy, and know about fishing.

Hating to do much wasting time, so I just take a bag of Boston Mackerel with me as cut bait. And we'll "run & gun" behind the shrimp boats. To start out. And go with the flow.....

The first shrimp boat we got behind, didn't have much going on. So we ran to the south. The next boat was pulling it's nets. "That's what we want!", so we pull right in behind and instantly we get little Lucas hooked up on a shark.

We were right next to the CAPT. TREY, the fella running the boat asks if we want some chum.
He says, "I wanna see those kids catch sharks!". I yelled up to him that "I'd appreciate enough for fresh baits at least, and would appreciate it."

The CAPT TREY drops anchor and the fella running the boat says, "I'll get ya some chum in a bag. And do you all want some shrimp??"

Wow, John and Terrie and I were surprised how nice this guy is. After we released a small shark, I pull over to the anchored shrimp boat. And the same guy asked if the kids wanted to jump up and check out the deck and the shrimp?
While holding on to the side of the shrimp boat

"Heck yeah!!" Lucas and Loren (7 & 10 years old) jump up on my bow deck and then climb over the side of the shrimp boat with Mom and Dad watching. They come back with starfish, ribbonfish and a live baby stone crab.

Then, he drops us a bag of chum. Then, the whole crew stands on the side of the shrimp boat and they hand us a big bag of fresh caught monster shrimp. John goes to give him a $20 bill and they say, "No man, we just want ya to have it, you owe us nothing..."

Wow, again! What a nice person this guy was. That's when I asked him if he was CAPT TREY?  He said no, I just work here and run the boat.

They were going to clean-up and shut down and go to sleep, he said. They caught all the shrimp they needed all night long, he said.

So, off we went and fished the area, behind a few more boats, and with our nice juicy bag of shrimp boat by-catch we chummed. Many times having all the sharks the kids would ever want sometimes right behind the Jettywolf.

The kids and Mom, Terrie reeled in no less that 10-15, before the breeze dropped and the heat poured on fast and hard.
The kids were looking tired. So we headed in, from what was a great day of Sharkin'.

And of course many thanks to the Captain of the CAPT TREY shrimp boat for his generosity.

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