Thursday, July 5, 2012

7/5 - Same crew, same date

Had the Tanner crew aboard again today. Always after the 4th of July every year. That's why when people call with a late notice, I tell them 30 days notice to get prime dates, for most holiday weeks. My educated regulars know to call and get the same dates each year. I've been taking Greg and his boys since they were 5 years old. First Wes, then Duncan came along. And they're alot older now.

Then after a few years, brother in law Wayne, and his son John started to come. They had something like 30 people in a few condos up in Amelia Island.

I decided to fish Nassua Sound....."So why not just pick my crew up at the boat ramp at Sawpit Creek."

I was on edge, because of having no sounder back from repairs yet. But, just my "photographic memory" of the entire Nassua Sound. But, the area changes with each year, and each storm.

We made our way out slowly. Rounded Bird Island, and started fishing. Four lines out, with shrimp, so the kids could catch anything. Target species big bull "beach" Whiting. But the kids were all about sharks!

Well, they caught about 25 Whiting, a Jack, a few baby sharks, and a decent size Bonnethead. There was one spot that was a hot spot. We couldn't keep 4 lines in the water. Kids (3) everywhere, reeling,  while Greg and I tried to keep the rally going.

We kept 13 or so Whiting for the fish box. I had a goal of 20, for 40 sandwich sized fillets.

I saw Tarpon. More then just a few.

But not as many as I saw round the south Jetty tip back in the st. Johns River the other day, at high tide.

The kids were getting antsy. The tide slowed so we headed back to clean up the fish.
(sorry no pics.....I was steppin and fetchin all day.)

I brought a few dozen live shrimp (jus' in case) and still had a few live ones in the well, as I departed Sawpit creek boat ramp.

I ran down the ICW and stopped off at an old spot I used to fish alot, back in my "bay boat" running days. From my first cast to my last shrimp I caught Trout, a few Ladyfish, and a Jack. On a light spinning rod and a "Lemon drop" snap on cork. They were on fire. It was fun, but out of all these trout, I caught one (1) 17 incher, along with a 11" Redbass.

I guess the spot was more like a nursery. But it was so cool to watch small Flounder along the grass line "sky-rocket" on all the bait that was pouring out a small outlet in the flooded marsh grass, as I sat there.

I used all the shrimp and then tried a soft plastic and had no bites. Lures versus live shrimp,  live shrimp in Jax always wins.

Headed back and cleaned my one keeper trout in the intense heat at the Mayport Boat ramp. Called my Friday Charter another "regular" crew I've been taking for years.

Told them (all adults) we're gonna try "CHUM FISHING FOR NASSUA SOUND TARPON", on Friday.

Yep, "sport fishing". I keep getting calls from people who think July is the month that we stack them in the fish box, don't know that the storms/ with yards of rain can effect fishing.

Nope, that's "light tackle" winter fishing.....Starts Nov. 1

It's July, it's hot!

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