Wednesday, July 4, 2012

7/4 - surfing a favorite website...what I do on July 4th

Good reason to NOT own a reinforced plastic boat or was it, reinforced?

The story: ripped from the pages of Louisiana Sportsman Magazine online.

Louisiana Sportsman "Fishing News" the story:
The pictures....


One guy gets it. Look and scroll down on that "post" and someone LOVES aluminuuuuuuuuuuum!

Louisiana boys love their ALLOY.

And another guy shows pics of his bad azz Aluminum "bay boat".
Many others post pics of thier aluminum ALLOY BOATS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Should I go on there and post a pic of "MY" 1/2 inch alloy transom
:idea: That might be "rubbin" it in, huh :idea:

-Other Louisiana alloyists, seem to be doing a good job of that.

I love the smell of a freshly built aluminum in the least it won't smell like chemicals

26' CC Pacific Southern Edition"

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