Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/1 - Trying the "other" live bait, that's in good supply.

Well...this is what I like to do. And since it's the start of a new month and everyone has to re-group from July. I'm getting sometime to do some R&D. (that's research and development) Because I'm addicted to fishing too!

When other guides go hunting, I go fishing. When other guides go on a "family" vacation. I go fishing, on vacation.

Yeah, I'm ate up with it. Be it 100 degrees or 20 degrees. I live to catch these fish every way I can. And love experimenting. Since the per person limit is just 6, hard earned Trout (sometimes.) It pays to play around a bit, and try other baits, or techniques.

So all who think I only "float-rig fish".......Well, this is the 3rd video, that proves otherwise.

You can bet, I've done my homework. When it gets time for someone to pull a date off their calendar and book a date.

And when I find my "favorites" piled up in an area. You can bet I'll be there, knowing every bump in the bottom.
( I do now after three video's, and fishing all tide ranges)