Friday, August 3, 2012

8/3 - Big Bait, Big Trout. started out as an experiment. Right now the river has some large Mullet around. But damn if I could catch any in my castnet. And as I watch and entertain myself reading Louisiana Sportsman Magazine, and watch Louisiana Trout fishing shows. I saw that the Louisiana CCA - "Coastal Conservation Association" STAR tournament, which is a tournament covers many species over the course of a few months. The current Speckled Trout leading fish, 8.3lbs. was caught on a live Croaker. So with large baits hard to come by for me in the St. Johns River here in Jax. I figured, Croakers sure are plentiful right now.

Plus, instead of chasing bait around with a castnet. Why not just fish for Croakers! I do it when I need baits for big Redbass. Many a monster Red has come from a frisky live Croaker. Making noise "croakin" in distress sitting on the bottom.

And like I always say....."Callin' them in for a free meal that they'll suck down like a fun sized Snickers bar on Halloween!"

Well, same goes for Gator Trout!

This short video I decided, needed a little more. So I added some favorite photos. And photos of today's R&D catch. I had around 20 Trout total. Lost two BIG Trout at boatside, had a run on one rod that ripped the bait off the hook. Had a bunch of "shorts" on a jighead and a Matrix Shad soft plastic, iced down 5 keepers, and of course had a 24, 26, and 28 inch Trout. And only had three Ladyfish bites all day. And caught at least 25 Croakers and kept 10 of the smallest for bait.

BUT, it all came at a price. With the full moon, and the afternoon due East sea breeze blowing 15 knots against a falling tide. What a royal pain in the ass that was!

I was leaving the dock at 5:15am. And got back to the dock at 4:30pm. Many times when I ran into a slump, I almost packed it in. Then, the wind blew really hard and fishing was really tough. And I about gave up, again. I was hot, sweaty, had "casting and anchor pulling shoulder" acting up, and I was tired.

Intead of thinking about all that and the cold PBR, comfy lazyboy and cold air conditioning waiting at home, I stratigised instead. And continued the GATOR hunt.

And I'm glad I did.

But then again.....I was looking for my next 10 pounder.

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