Saturday, August 11, 2012

8/11 - Nice Saturday....

Had Phil and his 82 year old dad Elliott on board today. They float-rigged with live shrimp, and caught some schoolie Trout. It was a falling tide all day long. Have had better luck on the rising tide. But this was a re-schedule from last Sunday. When it was blowing, raining and lightning from 4am till about 9am. So all that put the kybosh on last Sunday.

Elliott had a great time, he said. He hasn't been fishing since 2009. I personally haven't used bait in a few weeks. And they had a problem with needlefish eating the live shrimp in the shallows. "Isn't there always some fish out there that's always a pain in the butt?"

The bite wasn't hot, but there was a some action. We even trolled jigs and soft plastics around for a little while. And casted around a long dock and caught some shorts.

We took a little while and caught some Croakers, to use as big Trout bait. But had no action on them.

A few ladyfish, about 15 Trout and we headed in to clean the fish. It was a nice day, and then finally got hot around 1:00pm.



-works here too, if you can catch the "right size" Croaker.

And that's another mission of mine. I have the place, now I just have to weed thru them, and get a dozen of small size Croaks.

While surfing the world wide web, I came across super cheapy Chum bags, at Wally World. (LINK TO CHEAP CHUM BAGS)

Five for $2.96. So I dropped by Walmart and low and behold they had them!

So, now the plan is to drop this to underneath the boat, filled with some soft Boston Mackerel, or Ladyfish fillets and see if them Croaks won't come and hang under my boat as I catch them on Fishbites or piece of dead shrimp. Heck ya have to chum up everything in the Keys and south Florida. So, might as well try it to catch small Croaks.

Damn.....more R&D.  All in the pursuit of  CATCHING SUMMER GATOR TROUT!

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