Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8/7 - No Love for Croakers.

The largest Trout of the entire summer, are being caught...and No one want to go. So as I say, "I'll go with ya or without ya'".

It's funny though. I get emails saying; "I want to catch as many fish as possible."

Really.....??  As if "I" want to go out and catch no fish all day?

I make video's, edit the video's, publishing the video's. After a 12 hour day fishing, doing research and development for "customers",  then that night.
I put in another 4 hrs editing, and publishing the video's here.

And the kicker is, I have to tell possible customers, who in which all the work was for. To sign up for my reports, to see what I'm doing.

I guess people are so used to old or no reports on charter service websites.

These reports, video's, photos, are for customers who fished with me, and possible customers, period. If local fisherman sign up, read and enjoy.  Consider it, "gravy on your weekend fishing buscuit!"

Since the full moon. Jig fishing is producing alot of short Trout. That's jigs and soft plastics. Today, I had at least 25 shorts on the jig. Action, oh yeah! But a boat load of keepers. Not on the jig. But, lately I have not float-rig fished. And I'm sure if I did, I could get some larger fish.

Had two monster Trout L-O-S-T again, on live Croakers. I really think, the Croakers are too large. A 3" Croaker would be best. The 4-6" plus Croakers are just too large to get a proper down the throat hookset. A drag smoking Gator Trout that I saw, readied the net for, got off a 7/0 Owner hook, today. And another on a Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Kahle 5/0 shiner hook.

Give me a Treble.....any day!

But, after loosing the second big Trout. I caught a thick 24 incher on my Wide Glide subsurface lure. I have to say, this is the absolute best subsurface/topwater plug I have ever thrown. It's different. That's the key!

I think I'll send these pics to Larry Dahlberg and let him know what a winner he designed.

I caught two Flounder on a jig and soft plastic. Both "box worthy". That I didn't photograph.

I trolled...Yeah that's something I don't do much of. But experimented with. Against the tide, I was able to go slow enough. And found the perfect bank to troll along. Right in sight of a major road. So when I hooked up with this 26" Redbass on the troll. I had every trucker honking at me. It was a great light tackle battle, when I had out 150 feet of line.

Of course, before the Redbass I had numerous Ladyfish. They loved the Glass-minnow colored Matrix shad, with a white jighead!

Not long after catching the Redbass. I had to seek shelter and fast!

I tucked under a bridge and tied off. Because I was stuck between storms to the West and to the East. That contained  lightning. I chilled out for awhile, and took pictures of the storms.

It sort of cleared up. So I headed back to the dock. I did another.....9 hour, R&D day.

For you, the customer.

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