Friday, August 24, 2012

8/23 - Pluggin''s producing!

Ya know, the more the Trout are chewin', the happier I am. The more the Trout fishing is like it is in Lake Pontchartrain Louisiana, the happier I am.

And right now, the more Trout I get slapping this around......the happier, I AM!

RIVER2SEA "Wide-Glide"

Subsurface Glide-bait

The best BIG Trout plug I have ever used!

Morning, afternoon, evening, it just doesn't seem to matter,
they love this lure.

"if it eats'll eat the wide-glide!"



Went out again "solo" today......for some reason no one wants to go Trophy Trout fishing.

Just shows what a awesome "destination" we are here. Jacksonville Florida? "where's that?"  No claim to fame, here......

The flooding tide waters were way cooler than they should be. I marked 78-79 degrees surface temp. During the rising tide. Been hearing about the cooler water in the Ocean. And as usual I guess it's another round of it, that happens here every single summer!

I was a bit frustrated though. As the tide rose, I was getting big Trout wackin' the hell out of my "wide-glide" and missing it. I'm not talking an occational fish, but every single one! Maybe it had to do with the cooler water?

Because as soon as the tide turned (later in the day) it was a whole different story.

On one spot, I lost at least 3 big fat Specks. How the hell do they get off a pair of brand new Owner trebles? But that's Speck fishing with lures, I guess......

Another spot, the "wide-glide" got hit every single cast! And that was just as the tide started to push eastward. I was hooking up left and right. And they weren't DINKERS!

All big fatty Specks!


A "BOX" 10 - healthy Yellowmouths on jigs and Matrix Shads, and a ton of Ladyfish,
even a few Bluefish (?)

Tropical storms, lots of rain = a great BIG Trout summer.
Can't wait for Fall & Winter!

I received an e-mail from a reader. Who for some reason couldn't do a comment here for this post. Asking "where do you get one of these lures?"

Well 1st of all, I have seen them at damn near "cost" on Ebay. ALWAYS check Ebay first for everything. Ebay's a world market, and if you searched RIVER2SEA Wide-Glide, you'll find many. I use only the 120SS model.

A good 75% of all my tackle comes from Ebay.

 2nd, you'll have to "learn how" to use this. It isn't your average plastic tube filled with BB's. I've experimented alot, with the actions the lure can produce. It is a "glide" bait....not a walk-the dawg, lure.

It twitches and sashays! 

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