Monday, August 27, 2012

Received 5 brand new River2Sea "wide-glides" today.

Now, if we depart early and at the right tide. We'll head up river and you will use the same lure for dawn, low light, morning Gator Trout, that I've been using.

Thank goodness that this plug is painted on the inside, because I looked at mine yesterday. The same one I have been using now for two months and it's scratched to all hell!  If the color was on the outside, and even with a clear-coat over the finish. It wouldn't look right.

But there's not many plugs like that anymore. So we get more durable lures.
(only wish my Kodak Playsports camera took quality up close photos)
Years ago, I had a fluorescent orange, yellow bodied, with gold foil inside 52MR MirrOlure. (slow sinking w/ rattle bead inside) I loved that lure!  During the spring bite of Trout, (late Feb-May) that one single lure caught over 100 Speckled Trout! Along with the largest Yellowmouth Trout I ever caught, a 7 pounder, at the jetties! Then a Bluefish aka: the green scourge fish, ate it off my line one day.

52MR a "Trout standard"

I'm not always a "lure chuckin" Trout angler. Because not all years are created equal. Yeah, tell me about it!
(I hate presidential electiuon years!)

I got myself another hard to find "spring time Trout" Flourescent orange headed, yellow body with gold foiled inside MirrOlure and retired it. I added it to my collection of 1960's, and very old MirrOlure, MirrOlure competitors, and Pier bait, collection. I enjoy looking at every day.

Sent out to all of you a Presidential Election Year, charter discount newsletter.

Somethings got to give here. I'm taking a hit, no matter how I try to continue to be a small businessman.

I'm hoping that over the next two months, some of you take advantage of what I sent out, by reserving your charter, soon.

Looking around on Facebook....what a place that is!  The opinions and disgust about the President is unbelievable. And people actually believe, the President of the United States is to blame for everything?? And that the whole country can change in under 4 years?? That's what cracks me up!!

Forget about all that. Life is way too short.


Keep small business' running, and hard working people, actually working!!

That's probably the best way to keep America great, on an individual basis.

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