Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8/28 - ISAAC - from the ground

SPORTSMANS PARADISE......hit agin. But let me tell ya'll. I am a forum member of a great site called www.Laspecks.com and those folks in Southern Louisiana, are tough.

They've been dealt some really bad hands lately. But, on the forum, they were talking about how Isaac should kick in the "FALL" Speckled Trout catching season.

That's why it's "Sportsmans Paradise", because give it two weeks and the next video I'll get will be those guys out wackin big fattie Speckled trout, Drum and Reds and Flounder. With noting but a jighead and a matrix Shad soft plastic!

That area is so......Resilient!  Even though they are having coastal errosion effecting the marsh and bayous. They still have 10 times the untouched estuary, what we do here inNE  Florida. But Florida can beat them, when it comes to seawalls and bulksheads !! (South Florida) Which is all part of "civilized" Florida..

 I don't like too much civilization, mixed with my fishing.

Check out this great MSN video: Isaac Now a Category 1 Hurricane
Of course GAS PRICES will go up, there's always and excuse to exploit right?

From my friends at Dock side Bait & Tackle....Eden Isles "Slidell La."

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