Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9/17 - The Gals = a good day!

Had Mike and Beth out for a gorgeous Monday morning. Slick calm after an absolute traffic jam weekend. (yeah, like a dummy I went and messed around on Sunday. It was insane out there!)

But what do I always say?  "there's nothing like a Monday morning at 7am!"

I picked them up at Sisiters Creek boat ramp, and before I could even lash a dock line to a cleat over there, here came the waves of perfect sized Mullet along the dock. I wasted not a minute and had my cast net ready and as the sun poked up I had no less than 100 swimming in my bait well.

When my crew arrived, I was already sweaty, and wet. I told them, "fishing guides do more before sun-up than most people do all day. Like the ole US Army TV commercial"

We made a run up river and headed for a dead calm area, and I had them trying their luck on tossing the Wide-Glide lures for any Specks that maybe in the area. We were really early on the tide timer. I knew that. But if we got slam dunked by a monster Trout it would all worth it.

There were plenty of Mullet in the area, but neither Mike or Beth got any whacks on the plug. So I set Beth up with a 1/2 oz. jighead and a live Mullet. It didn't take long before she was into fish.

First bite was a decent Flounder. Then came a 26" Redbass. I also switched Mike over to a Mullet, and he had a "chipper" Flounder.

I set out another line with a live Mullet, as I made casts with the Wide Glide, and when I turned around the rod was doubled over and Beth got into another nice keeper sized Redbass.

I tried it for a little while longer and she caught a small Speckled Trout, too. Our fishing gal now had her "slam" of a Redfish, Trout, Flounder, all on the same spot.

Things slowed, so we moved on. I wanted to try and find a pile of large Yellowmouth Trout. And brought along some dead shrimp just incase. But as it turned out the Croaker's were chewing on the rising tide at the Dames Point. And as we did that I dropped two live Mullet out the back of the boat, to see if we could catch a bull Red. But nothing was interested in our Mullet. The Croakers were fun, and some of them very well worth keeping for fish fry material.
We boxed about 20 good sized Croakers and moved on. As you can see, the water was nice and calm in this area. But as soon as we hit around the west end of Blount Island, the wind went from damn near nothing to an all out hurricane in comparison.
I had a spot in mind, to try and get Beth a really big Red. And to do so, I had to switch over my anchor to the "big HOOK", the 25 pound grapnel. And it didn't even want to old us very good.
But once in position, we pitched out some live Mullet and watched the rods as the wind blew mega-bellies in the lines. But, it didn't matter.  One of the rods bowed over and we yelled there ya go Beth......Big Red!
She reeled but there was no long run. I just figured it was a smaller Red that didn't know it was hooked yet! And up comes to the surface yet another Flounder. I stretched out with the net before that Flounder could make a dash for the bottom. Or flap it self off the hook, as they do so easily.

I said, "yet another Flounder." Because on this same spot about ten days ago, we had a 4 and a 6 pound Flounder. And Beth's Flatties was 6 pounds!

Beth had to get on a plane and head back to New Hampshire at 4pm. And the anchor gave way and we started to drift in the 20+ knot SE sea breeze. So we headed back to Sisters Creek, because we had alot of fish to fillet, skin and de-bone and bag up.

What a great day. And a great crew!


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