Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/20 - Yeah, we knew it was supposed to rain....

Had Larry and his wife Melissa aboard the Jettywolf, today. When Larry booked his trip. The forecast was what!
We went anyhow, and it was really nice this morning. Really nice! We knew rain couldn't ruin "our" day.

It was cool, with low light, and low tide. So I went to my "mullet hole" and they were there waiting on me. Two, maybe three pitches of the cast net and I had all we'd use on a 3 day charter. But just incase, it's good to be a tad greedy. I can always let the Mullet go at the end of the day. They'll just be "relocated", that's all...Hahahahahahaha.

After a full bait well, we took off and it was a super nice ride in the river. Yes, no sun. But many times, no sun is actually really nice for a change.

I had Larry and Melissa pitching spinning rods rigged with a small swivel, leader line 30# about 12" worth, to a bullet sinker, tied to a 4/0 Owner  Mutu-light circle hook. Often called a "knocker rig", for offshore fisherman. Because the sinker comes down and knocks on top of the hook. I use it because it's like a jighead, but of course has a circle hook and is just a bit sturdier, over all. Plus, let's the finger Mullet wiggle around alot unobstructed.

We had 27-1/2" we released. One 26 incher. And 3 Flounder to 4 pounds. Once 15" Trout, and a 12" Croaker.

There was a slight interruption during the day.

RAIN....yeah, it came from the east. And was heading straight for us. So I picked up and ran for under a bridge. Where Larry and Melissa  and I still got plenty wet. So they found a better place to fish. "out of the boat, behind a bridge piling!" 

Some times ya just have to improvise!

After the rain, bites slowed. And my crew had later plans. So we headed back to clean the catch....and it started drizzling again back at Mayport. So I moved quickly.



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