Monday, September 24, 2012

9/23 - Oh, what a difference one day makes.....

Had two lover birds aboard today. Cheryl got Matt a gift Certificate for his birthday. What a GREAT GAL! We all need us one like her. Just a sweet as you can be. And she like's to fish too! Matt's a lucky guy.

They arrived on time and ready to go at the boat ramp. Which was seemingly half as busy as on Saturday. Guess everyone went and burned their "Snapper Fuel Bill" on Saturday. Because, as I left from my 1/2 day with Mike & Danny, trucks and trailers were parked down the street even.

The boat ramp was crawling with FWC questionaires...I was asked, "Did you go offshore today sir?" at least 4 times over the weekend.

Incase you don't know. Red Snapper fishing....I mean catching, is a done deal in N.E. Florida.  Big Brother says there's no Red Snapper out there, and I believe in 2032 "your children, which will be adults by then" will be able to keep them again (huge question mark). But over the last two Friday, Saturday's and Sunday's, they've made a carnival out of this by allowing one per person per day. The reason to me is still unclear.

But, it's not like that is of any great concern to me. My concern was getting those perfect sized finger Mullet. And catching Matt & Cheryl some keeper Redbass.

The Mullet were tough to catch. By Sunday, the boat traffic, and people joining in on my "band wagon" was certainly different than on a Monday morning. Boats were scaring the mullet from their usual track. Which was swimming down the bank, straight to my waiting castnet.   Gotta love these weekends!!!

Finally after some struggles I caught what I deemed enough to go fishing with. So we ran far out of the "hub", to be left alone. And we were.........EVEN BY THE REDBASS!

Two Flounder, and a 16" Trout later. Not a single Red taker of our perfect frisky live Mullet, I worked so hard to get.
But I wasn't about to abandon the idea. So we worked the area till there was hardly any current left on the spot. Then, I moved to another area. Gave it a quick try....with ZIP.

Then, we just went to do what Cheryl likes. Fishin' her shrimp on the bottom. But the current was still running hard. And after a few adjustments, and getting away from the non-english speakers who wanted to park on top of me. We found our groove.

Some big Croakers,  and plenty of swimming rocks. AKA: Toadfish. Then, as the tide slowed on the surface and started coming in on the bottom. It was time to go back to the Mullet. On LIGHT TACKLE, using a small circle hook and a bullet weight. Cast it out, let it sink, feel the bump, and the big Yellowmouth would run away with the Mullet. Oh, yeah, this was FUN.

So much, that I never took a picture. And should have. But this is how a fish fry is made. Matt and I even made casts, and played, who ever boats the next one first wins. The nice Yellers were that thick. But it was challenging. And that's what's fun. And Matt won! He ripped one right away. But, I couldn't stop, I pitched another Mullet out and hung one, and Cheryl ended our day with another carnivor, Yellowmouth Trout.

We had a box of fish now. And I was happy. Some what. But Matt still needs to catch a Redfish. It's a real rarity that we could work as hard as we did, pitching live mullet and not get bit by a keeper Red.

Well time Brother!

AFTER THE FILLET KNIFE....ready for some Zaterains fish fry mix and HOT oil!


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