Saturday, September 22, 2012

9/22 - Morning trip

Had Mike and Danny aboard the Jettywolf for a morning charter. Who was the boat ramp busy today. I suppose it was because this weekend was the second of the only days you'll be allowed to run way offshore with you and 10 of your friends and catch and be able to keep a single Red Snapper. Yeah, one Red Snapper!

Well, we had plans to catch us some of those perfect finger Mullet as quickly as all possible, and run and catch us some Redbass!

With not alot of time to waste, thank goodness we didn't have to waste time waiting on catching the perfect finger Mullet. No sooner I pulled up to the spot, threw the net we had all we needed in 2 casts.

Problem is catching them oce in the livewell. And it's not like my livewells are all that big. Just 14 gallons when maxed out and filled to the top. And we still can't catch the little speedsters.

On the spot, Mike had a run on his Mullet as soon as he chucked it ou there. But it didn't connect. And boy did we have to wait and wait and fish and fish. I think it was because the absolute last of the tide was really weird on the spot. Swooshing around and at one time making a complete "back eddy".

But then Mike slam dunked a perfect keeper. A 26 incher.

Then, as he was reeling in his mullet to re-cast, he was hit on the surface! And he caught a surface striking Flounder!
Of course the boat swung into probably 2 feet of watter at that time, so crazier things have happened.

Then, right when I thought the quick half day trip was about needing to come to and end, because I had the possible cance of doing an afternoon "2 hr kids trip" later. Is when I looked over and saw Danny hooked up with a powerful fish. It didn't run much, but was far away from the boat and on the surface. I was thinking "Polish Flounder"???? StingRay!

But, as he worked it to the boat is was another Redbass, and one so full of spunk it made Mike's seem like it almost swam to the boat. Danny a fresh water fisherman and now saltwater Fly fisherman, was hooked up to his very first evver Redbass and it was gioving him hell, on the light tackle.

Mike's Flounder was his very first Flounder also.

So today had many "firsts" all in the short course of this morning. Yes, folks, Capt Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing can be a life altering adventure in angling. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....

Danny's Redbass was an exact 27 incher with tail pinched, and that was all we needed. So we headed to the dock. And when we got back I took the sides off their fish and we were done by 12:45pm, I think.

So, don't delay. Contact me about tides and days to reserve and let's get you on out there. The fishing today was slower, but not uneventful at all. It just took a bit longer to get those bites than earlier in the week.

The Croakers are chewin' and I always like doing that because they're just plain F-U-N, especially after putting a few Reds, Trout and Flounder in the fish box.


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