Sunday, September 30, 2012

9/29 - Full Moon woes?

Had Art back again aboard the Jettywolf. And he brought Skip from Pa. with him this time. As I have been doing I went and caught little Mullet first thing. And to get what I deemed was enough was tough as the tide quickly rose. But we got some and headed off.

Well, it's time to change locales I believe. I'm not finding the Flounder, Reds, or Trout, like I have been. But, at the same time on weekends I hate to have to fish the "HUB". I like getting out of the high traffic areas....IE: Coasties everywhere, FWC everywhere, and boats galore everywhere, on weekends.

It's been a nice run. But after today, just like on Thursday as hard as we tried, there just wasn't much action. Not nealy the action I had back in August that's for sure. What Trout we catch are small, and I'm really flipped out that I go to some killer spots and we fish the Mullet and don't even get a Trout at all.

And today with the full moon, there sure wasn't much tide on the rising tide all morning long. We had a few runs, and didn't connect. Using the knocker rig and circle hooks again on light spin outfits.

But we did barely squeak out a Redfish, Trout, Flounder Slam. But the Flounder was just a "chipper".

It was dead calm, the air was still, and it was hot as all hell. Very unusually HOT.

But when the tide turned, I told the guys as I dropped anchor and they baited up with cut shrimp pieces. "We're going catching NOW. Before we were fishing...and that just wasn't working out!"

They dropped down, just like on Thursday and were slam dunked by big Croakers. We kept the 12" and above ones and let the rest go.

Now, this is always fun. Especially after working so hard for the "glory species".

Art & Skip were fun to have aboard. And they had a fish fry for sure after they caught all the big Croakers they could stand.

The heat was really intense. So as we headed back to Mayport and that big breeze hit us, it was like someone turned on the A/C, compared to where we were.

Really..."if you can go on a weekday. By all means book a weekday." "But if not, we'll work it all out. Don't worry."


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