Sunday, October 7, 2012

ITS OCTOBER, really?

Sure hasn't felt the way I'd like October to feel...(but like everyone else. I too am rushing winter)

Yep, I've skipped a beat here and haven't made any reports in a week. Well, lets see. I went and did some R&D the other day solo. I went and bought live shrimp and went to the jetties to try my hand at float-rig fishing.

That sure was a huge waste of time. The tide was really weak, and I caught no Trout, either. Hell. I couldn't hardly give a live shrimp away. And when I did, I caught two little Jacks and a Ribbonfish on a float-rig.

Disgusted as all hell and sooooooooo sick and tired of junkfish. I bagged it and went into the river where all I caught was 14" Trout on top water plugs.  Like I said, a waste of shrimp and time and money, really. But, going in I knew it was too early for Trout to be stacked at the Jetties. But I wanted to make sure.

I did a Burial at Sea with two folks this past Friday, and it was so rough a 1/2 mile outside the jetties that in the short time we were out there, they got seasick. I also did another Burial at Sea with people from Mississippi, last Friday too. And it was rough then. I had two kids on board with two women and the kids were balling their eyes out, because they were on the boat. "Guess, they'll remain Land-Lubbers when they grow up".

Yesterday, I did a regular day with 4 mid-westerners from the Malnove Co. I've done alot of business with various folks from Malnove over the years. And I'm really glad, I did what I did. But first, we didn't depart till after 8am. Not by my choosing, but by theirs.  I went and got some live Mullet in one cast of the net. But then again we never really used them much.

As we ran the river to get "outa the dang weekender hub", we past what seemed like 100's of boats fishing the Bull Redbass tournament. The gauntlet of hooks, and anchor lines must have made for an obstacle course for any fish on the bottom of the river.

Again, there sure was alot of people sitting and staring at the rod tips as we went by. Which was good for us. No one was on my favorite monster Croaker spot.

These guys came to just kick back and have a fun day. And wow was it H-O-T!

No wind, slick river and fishing like crazy....Opps, let me re-phrase that. CATCHING like crazy!

None of the 4 were "big time fisherman". So, this idea I had really fit the bill. Bait-up, drop over in the current, hit the bottom and get BIT!

They kept me "steppin & fetchin" so much I never fired off the first photo of them. But it was all out laughs, fish after fish and a really great time for Chicago and Detroit folks that haven't fished since they don't know when.

I was warned that they haven't fish in a really long time. And that right there showed me these guys had a sense of humor.

I was sweating, but I was having a great time also.

As the tide started to really slow. We picked up and ran another mile. I handed them all my spinner outfits and the old Bullet sinker and Owner circle hook finger mullet rig. Well.....they weren't great casters either. But, the tide was barely moving at all and made for a HOT, and troublesome attempt at live bait fishing.

So we picked up and headed back eastward. I tried another spot for not long with Mullet on the bottom and here came the rain. So we basically bagged it and headed back after taking shelter under the Clapboard Creek bridge while the atmosphere cleaned up a bit.

They all agreed that they'd had a big enough day. So back at the boat ramp, I cleaned a pile of big Croaks, and they went to Singletons for a late lunch and some cold beer with their fillets ready to hit the oil at Singletons.

Don't know about YOU.  But I'm more than ready for the axis of the earth to change to a winter state in this hemisphere of N. America.

I want to float-rig the jetties, catch Trout and Redbass on light tackle against the rocks. Catch less junkfish. And pop open that "winter closet" and don my lucky fishing jacket.

If that's what it takes to get into my "BEST"  six months of fishing out of the entire year. It can't come any sooner!

I'm happiest when I look like this:



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