Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/3 - Summer, "run & gun"

It was a wacky holiday weekend for sure. Because the Trout fishing was off due to the full moon. I had a Friday and a Sunday trip in which we tried early morning "top water" plugs and jigs. Friday, we had lots of swipes, and half hearted takers that never hooked up. But made the day a sort of success, dropping good sized Yellowmouth Trout in the box with just one top water Speckled Trout. And it was fun, because I had two guys that were super fisherman.

Then, on Sunday I took my over-worked neighbor Tom, and his friend Chrissy out to try again. Same deal, but cut in half....a few top water swipes at the River2Sea Wide-glides, with only one hook up of a 22 inch Trout, and a bunch of small Yellowmouth Trout, and Ladyfish. Then, about 10am the river turned into a I-95, with incessant wakes and splashing waves along the river banks. But, then again Tom & Chrissy, got to see what I love to do.

While out on Sunday I of course started getting calls. Last minute calls. Which is usual, during extended weekends. When I got home, I made calls back to confirm because I didn't see deposits. (I do not leave out of my drive-way, without a deposit. Period!) One caller, never did the deposit. It was getting late...6pm. The boat was unhitched, and in need of fuel. In the mean time, I received another call, for Monday. Mom, wanting to take her two teen-agers "sharkin". I immediately received a deposit. So I hitched the boat back up, and went to the gas station. By the time I put the Jettywolf back under her shed for the night it was after 8:00pm. And I hit the sack at 9am!. Because I get up at 4:30am!

I go back and forth with emails. And I get a phone massage from the original guy. And then, have to call him back and tell him someone else just booked the day. And now, it's after 9:30pm!

Just so you know, my hours are from 8am-8pm. Because fishing guides, at least this one. Get up very, very early.

I was happy to take some kids out Sharkin' behind the shrimp boats on Monday. "If there would be any shrimpers dragging, on a holiday?"  Heck, ya never know. They might be at home drinking a beer relaxing too.  But, on Monday morning at 7am, that wasn't the fact. The shrimpers are just like me, I guess. Having to make hay, while the sun is shining.

And as Jennifer, Alex and Ashley and I headed out the Mayport Jetties. I spied at least 10 shrimp boats working from the chum-hole to the S.E. hole.

It was a little bumpy and slow going out yonder...the moon was still up having the tide flushing out. So a few boats were real close. Armed with my short and stout Shakespeare Charter series 6' "can catch anything that swims rods", coupled with my Accurate Twin Drag reels. Shark floats, a 200# leader and 15/0 circle hooks. And a big bag of Boston Macs for bait. We made a few drifts behind the close-in boats, with no love!

Alex, who happens to be 15 and a Shark nut. Was reelin' with excitement. Third shrimp boat and still no love....

But as the sun came up, and we pulled close behind the "Pappa Hobart". One of the rods bent over and the drag started to sing. We finally got a hook-up.

.......we now were into the sharks!

Blacktips of all sizes were caught. Some larger, some smaller. But all exactly what Alex our Shark crazy fisherman, was wanting.

His sister Ashley, got into the mix too.

Thank goodness she wasn't getting larger Sharks than Alex. Or there may have been even more competition going on, than there already was.

My crew did get some good jumpers, and a few up to maybe 70 pounds.

It turned out to be a great day. And a good break from fishing the river during that Full Moon, inshore.
By noon the sun was high in the sky, the heat was coming on. And that's when the bite usually fades anyhow. I let Ashley work the helm of the Jettywolf, and she brought us back from offshore, to the Jetties.

One last photo of the wore out crew before they headed home, to most likely have a nap. After their big day bouncing around behind the shrimpers.


The Hook Up Tackle said...

Wow shark fishing!!! Wish I could of been up there fishing with you guys. How many sharks did you catch?

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

We caught 8. I shark fish all the time, if people want to do it. Been doing this for years and years.

Sometimes the sharks are huge, and sometimes not.