Thursday, September 6, 2012

9/5- Late 1/2 day...."staying close"

Had Chris (Skinny C) and his father-in-law Jeff aboard yesterday for a quick half day trip that started around 3:30pm, till dark-thirty.

First thing was BAIT?  Yeah, besides just some dead shrimpz I brought for Croaker fishing (maybe) I planned on doing what I have been doing...."Tossin' plastics" on jigheads.

But when I pulled up to the dock where Chris wanted me to pick him up at. I had a "vision".....small bites sized mullet EVERYWHERE!


Being early as I always am. I had a little time to grab the 7' mullet net and just stand there on the bow of the Jettywolf and throw on massive schools of the most PERFECT sized mullet swimming by on the surface. A few tosses and I easily had 75 of these "fun sized Snickers bars".

Skinny drove up with Jeff, and I showed them what I had captured. I had a plan, even though the SE seabreeze was kickin pretty good, and the tide was getting ready to RIP. So we ran the ICW to a spot where I've had some action in the past along the ICW bank.

When we got there, bait was everywhere. We received a few "bumps" on the 3" mullet. But no takers at all. Another reason you'll hardly ever see me in the ICW. "DAMN, I SHOULDA JUST STAYED IN THE RIVER!" 

Okay, enough of these crap. We're out'a here!

Being just a 1/2 day in the middle of the afternoon, I wanted to stay close. The next spot, well proven fishing grounds. In the river.

The current was literally (as it usually is in the St. Johns), bordering on "LUDICROUS". And the boat was swinging all over the place. Because of course where we fished was  the "nexus" of currents.

But, we hung out and fished the mullet on 1/2 ounce jig heads and scored some meat!  I can't believe we didn't have even better action on the perfect sized Mullet. But then again, where we fished was the easiest place to fish. That's for sure. We kept lines in the water versus going on a longer boat ride. "And I'm in for that."

4 pound Flounder

6 pound Flounder

Yellowmouth Trout

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