Saturday, September 8, 2012

9/8 - The Statistics!

My Fishing reports blog. I've been doing these pages since May of 2008.  People visit here. But then again, I don't pay much attention to all the stats. Maybe I should? Of course I see the ticker or page view counter along the right "sidebar" of this blog. And I do see the up's and down's. But then again, we all can. So I looked into the stats. And it's kinda interesting...

Here's the countries from which readers come from:

(page views from Sept. 1 to Sept 8th at 6:00pm)

United States
 - 309
China - 
- 3
Germany - 
United Kingdom
 - 3
- 2
- 2
 - 2
Sweden - 

Here's Page views by Country, since May 2008:

United States - 
 - 405
Canada - 
Germany - 
 - 229
United Kingdom - 
South Korea
 - 114
 - 86
 - 78

Here's Page views:
Page views today - 48

Page views yesterday  - 78 (Friday's, huh?)
Page views last month - 1601

 Interesting....but does this blog produce charters?

The jury is still out on that decision, after 4 years.
(Not unless they're $200 for 2 people!)

I follow other charter service fishing reports. Especially from areas that interest me. And it's hard to believe, but there's actually guides who have successful fishing report "clubs".

With membership comes exclusive tips, tricks, observations made, and even charts of where the bites are.

I have to let you in on one clue though...this all takes place in another state, and one that "lives and breathes", Trout and Redfish. (Not just Sheepshead, like J-ville seems too.)
Just as in "Friday's" reflect the most visits to this report blog. The weekend crowd I suspect finds these "memberships" a great wealth of knowledge, before heading out on Saturday morning.

But here's the kicker! This particular fishing guide is selling this info to just a dozen people for $700 a year!!!

Holy Mackerel!!  That's a nice chunk of change, isn't it? And the guide boasts, that he sells out, every year!

There is areas in the southern part of the country that have serious "fishing communities", and I believe this guide fishes in one.

I had a "donation" button on this blog for a year.

One person donated $5.00, to these fishing reports, all that time. And he was a personal, long time friend.

What's that say?

To me, it says alot! 

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