Friday, September 7, 2012

GET READY....days are gonna get shorter!


I have a very good friend that was a commercial fisherman for 40 years. We used to also do charters together, when I was booked I gave them to him, and when I had the need for another Captain and boat. Of course, I asked him for the help.
And I remember him always saying to me, "Dave, it's all about the length of days...."

Besides being a fisherman that forgot more than most people ever knew. He is also an avid hunter. I always called him the "Great White Hunter". Because after he retired off his big boat, he'd always be travelling to where the hunting for Turkey or 12 point Bucks, was the best in N. America.

And that's dead-on RIGHT! It is all about the length of days. Especially here in N.E. Florida.....or all of the south really. Because the summer is so dang HOT.

Shorter days brings different tides, cooler weather, triggers migrations of bait and predatory fish species. Changes the water clarity, with die off of organisms that live in the warm waters.

With that being said. YOU should be planning.....OH, I know how that's a word that doesn't usually fit into today's busy world (for most people).

But either way, if YOU are AVID. Like my buddy is about his hunting. I bet you're planning that next hunt to the mountains. YOU HAVE TOO!
You plan, because seasons open and close. And your quarry is there and availible.

 So, fishing shouldn't be any different.
The fall thru winter season when it comes to fishing in Florida. N.E. Florida in particular.


I know many people "think" that fishing is supposed to be best when they are on vacation in July, when it's 110 degrees in the shade!
But, I'm here to tell you it's not!

My favorite month out of all 12 is November. I love that first real feel of coolness, the water temp dropping, the sweatshirt wearing in the morning, the fog on the water at sunrise. The livily shrimp jumping out of my baitwells. And the DIVERSE species that comes with it. 

NOV. 2010

From Flounder to Black Drum. It's easier to "split" a tide in half and do two completely different kinds of fishing in one day during the fall-winter-spring.
That's the NICE thing about this area. "We have seasons."


And starting in Late summer.."right now", thru April. Is some of the best fishing of the entire year.

So, it's starting. And unlike many man-made things, is gonna get better and better with each passing month.

So come see for yourself. - Jax-Amelia Island Florida
Light tackle, NO-LONG-BOAT-RIDE fishing adventures.


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