Sunday, October 21, 2012

10/19 - FRONT blew through......


And today was day number 2 of a 5 day run. And so far, it's looking like summer is definitely way behind us.

And I say that because here comes those little cold fronts passing thru. Which is okay with me. But, today I had Paul and his son Allan aboard from Tennessee. I had a feeling the slick calm ocean couldn't last. Which enables us to catch 300-400 pounds of BIG Redbass in one day.

Oh, BTW......for anyone who thought or even asked, back in Sept. or even the start of October. "Dave, ya going after those big Reds?"  And my answer was, "NO".  The reason being is I'll let the rest of yall chomp at the bit. I certainly am NOT into using that 8-16 ounces to hit the bottom of the river, when I know you don't have too. IF YOU WAIT!

Yesterday, max lead used 2 ounces!!!!!

Now that's "L.T." - Light tackle fishing.

Today? 2 ounces.
Allan caught a 24 pound Redbass no sooner we were on the first drop of the anchor. And the anchor was slipping anyhow. So I pulled it and we gave chase. The Big RB was full of fight and wouldn't come off the bottom. I was telling Allan, "Hope this isn't a Polish Flounder",  aka: StingRay. Because we haven't caught one yet, but ya never know.

In between we tossed 12"-15" Yellowmouth Trout in the fish box. The dang Yellers will inhale a 3" Mullet in a second.
Double time if you use "cut" Mullet.


Then it was Dad's turn. Paul slammed the hook into a big Red, and it wasn't even 10:00am yet. But the wind started howling. The light'ish breeze started gusting to 20 knots of the N.W. and made holding anchor out in the sand troublesome.

I could tell it was a small "front" that was passing thru, because the bites slowed down, the hordes of Mullet from the day before were gone, and the water started to get real dirty looking. And we even got sprinkled with some rain.

So we had to eventually give up the jetties and head into the river. I wanted someone to catch a Flounder, and after many failed attempts because of wind and tide. Allan finally popped one. And I helped out...." I had one grab a mullet before it even hit the bottom, but it got off.

 By the afternoon the sun was shining, the clouds had past and we boxed some larger Yellowmouth. Then headed in. Yellowmouth and a Flounder made the makings for a fish fry.

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