Sunday, October 21, 2012

10/21 - Two Hour KIDS trip

I had a cute princess on the Jettywolf today. Her name was Reagan. She was 6. And she caught some fish, saw some Dolphins, played with some live Mullet, and even had on some lucky seaweed colored costume hair, to help her catch her first ever fish....a Mangrove Snapper.

Reagan, Trent and Amy came out to fish on the Jettywolf at 8:30am. I was fortunate I got to sleep in till 5:30am....and then my eyes just open and I'm wide awake anyhow.

So as usual, I was at the ramp an hour early so I could catch some bait...."live Mullet".

I had a P-L-A-N.  Have Reagan catch some small fish, and hopefully put Dad on some larger fish.

Guess what. The plan worked out PEFECTLY!

We had to stay in calm waters because I wasn't gonna take Reagan into the slop & chop of where I have been fishing. The wind was honking pretty darn good today.

Seems like we're in a pattern?????

Let's see;

Thursday - calm
Friday - not calm
Saturday - calm
Sunday - not calm

So, that means tomarrow means it'll be calm?  I guess I'll see, won't I?

Reagan played with the Mullet and reeled in a few.  with help from Amy and Trent. Species included; Margrove Snappers, Whiting, Seabass, Piggyperch, and then one of the rods baited with Mullet bounced. I handed it to Trent.

Low and behold, something that hasn't been caught on the Jettywolf, in a long time.

A True Hammerhead Shark.
Then, as we fished a while longer, another Mullet baited rod bowed over and Trent got another good fight. This PLAN was really coming together.

A 20 pound Redfish!
We ended our two hor Kids Trip "slash" Big fish teaser for Dad trip. And Reagan drove us back to the dock sitting on the leaning post as I helped her steer us in.


Reagan even made me some Thank You Cards before hand.  I told her "I usually don't get anything so special from little girls like her"

Now, wasn't that just a sweet thing from such a little sweetheart?



Lester Roberts said...

Well done Capt. Dave, I bet she will come back for more And why to go on taking care of the little ones.

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

Thanks, 'W'
I know I have been MIA lately. But trying to jus' take care of business.