Thursday, October 25, 2012

10/24 - Here comes Sandy weather!

I had to go, and see what the deal was on the last real day that's "do-able". I was all alone, of course. Or just confident, in the JETTYWOLF....heck, she loves the slop!

Rescheduled a bunch of charters, this week and weekend. That means, It's gonna be a busy November.

W-O-W, Starting Monday did ya see those temp. numbers????

I'm heading out Monday, with Milton A. and his three brothers. Last year we fished in the wind, right around this same week. So, I guess we'll do it again.
I love the CHILL...feels like Float-rig fishing to me.
I think "green fishing jacket" , will finally make it out of the closet. Hurray.

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