Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/23 - Let's reinterate a bit....

Yeah. I believe that's a fancy pants word for "repeating ones self". 
verb:  Say something again or a number or times, typically for emphasis or clarity.

Had a Marine Corps. Sergeant as a instructor when I was in the USAF Law Enforcement Academy, many moons ago. He used to yell alot, as most Marine Corps Sergeant's seem to do. And he used to yell at us, "DO I HAVE TO  REITERATE EVERYTHING TO YOU PEOPLE!!!"

So, with that said. Here we go, with something I know I covered a while back.

Last week: 10/18 thru 10/21 I conducted a experiment, once again with no one really knowing.
My favorite hook is a Matzuo 2/0 Sickle Bend "bait holder" turned in eye.
Yeah, that's a "do all" hook for me. BUT, then I used them on Reds to 32 pounds.
And not once had a deficiency in their ability to get a Red to the boat. I use "turned in" eyed Bait holders.
And then I snell them, I believe snelling is the strongest connection, period. The Matzuo hooks are deadly sharp, and won't break the bank either when you can run thru 25 a day, in just snags sometimes with a boat load of people.
I show people how these hooks will "HANG" on my finger print on my finger, they're that sharp!
That's this weeks "recommendation".  I've been using a 2/0 for "do-all" fishing, and a #2 for Float-Rig fishing with live shrimp.
Now remember; the reason I can get away with using this small hook for Big Reds. Is because I have a completely matched "tackle system" as I call it.
Slick smooth drags,  and soft parablic rods.
Parabolic?  Wat's dat?
Here's Parabolic:
Notice that the whole rod bends?
Yeah, I was in a local fishing tackle store one time and asked why they ever have a selection of "softer action rods".
The answer I received was, "Oh yeah, you like those buggy whips don't ya...you should be using a fast taper bla,bla,bla...."  
On top of it being the wrong answer it also had a "snooty sounding" nature to it, as the wannabe fisherman sales person, answered me.
I call them my "fairy wands", because my good friend Capt Randall called my rods that. And the name stuck!
Morale of the story...Big fish, light tackle, people having F-U-N, fishing is supposed to be fun, and no Broke Rods or Lines.

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