Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10/9 - Quick changes

Oh my....I was feeling like I was energized all day long. TODAY'S air temp on the river was simply glorious!! It was cool, and foggy all day long. At least 15kt winds from the North. The fog was lifting from off the water as the air temp was cool and the water was warm. Classic, "smoke on the water....."

Just two days ago I did a report (10/7) and told you about how HOT it was.

Beyond the fishing, beyond what goes on aboard the Jettywolf. After today's trip I pulled the "wolfie" under her shed and got out of my truck and  went to check the mailbox. And I didn't feel like I was beat with an Ugly Stik, and needing a cold beer, ASAP!

I still had a "spring to my step". Even the boats Honda 225 seemed to run better, and so did the Dodge Trucks Cummins diesel. Everything including combustion engines loved the coolness of today's air.

I had Dale & Antonio aboard the Jettywolf. Antonio has never fished before......Never!  So I kept it simple. But of course wanted lots of action.

So we ran to my Croaker spot. His first drop down he slam dunked a giant Croaker. But that's when the size of the Croak's kinda stopped. Out of at least 25, just on this spot. FOUR, were large keeper size. My self imposed size.

So we packed it in and tried cut bait for Redbass on another spot, with no takers. Then another spot, with no takers. But the guys caught plenty of "bait sized" Croakers, so I stoked up the bait well and put a few in it for live baits as we continued the "HUNT FOR A BIG RB"......RedBass.

Next spot. I threw out a cut in half Croaker and it wasn't on the bottom but a few minutes wen the Rod doubled over and the drag peeled off my Shimano TRN-200G reel.  Dale picked it up and was completely overwhelmed.

This was a big S-T-U-D Redbass hauling azz with the tide behind it. I instantly had to do some fish control, tackle handling instruction. The fish stopped, then ran some more. Then, the 50# Mono leader broke!!

Okay, no more mono. I retied using the Mason Hard type Nylon leader, I should have used.

"Holy crap. After all that and we loose it???"

By now I was believing that those Bananas that Dale brought were having a major effect.

Old rule. Don't take Bananas fishing, or on a boat period. It's a "unlucky thing". A "mariners lore, thing"
Well, we had the kitchen sink stuffed into the 92qt cooler anyhow.

FYI.....show up with a few drinks per person, and a sandwich per person. It's all you'll ever need.
I PROMISE, we won't be heading to Gilligans Island.  

Okay, no more takers here, time to move on again. Next spot, no Red bites, but the guys caught a few more bait sized Croakers.

Made another move. (Notice, the trend. I don't  get stuck on one spot, EVER)

As I anchored the tide was starting to come in on the bottom...that was a good sign. So two more tasty little live Croakers went out.

One of the rods went down, and then just POPPED. I brought back a casualty of anchoring near huge lime rock ledges on the bottom. Broke line, and the whole rig was gone!

Next,  I looked over Antonio's shoulder as he stood in the stern of the boat and saw a rod jump and double over.

I went and grabbed it and made sure the fish was really on and hooked. I handed Antonio the rod and the fish kicked him around the back of the boat. No real current meant that the big fish run all over, instead of with the tide!
The line was dangerously near the prop, then the fish run under the boat, and I mean under the boat. Antonio was over gunned. This is where some good experience takes over. The fish round under the boat and busted the leader on the hard lime rock ledges we were anchored on.

That was Big Red #3.

Will we get another chance?  I hoped so. "We have the Banana lore haunting us", I said, and we all laughed......

I re-rigged and set out a few more live small Croakers and we waited. Then, one of the rods jumped a few times. I went over and yelled at the rod. "EAT IT, DAMMIT!!!!!"

Then, it bowed. I picked up the rod, the fish ran and Antonio grabbed the rod and it was game on.

He caught the largest Croaker. Now, he finally has a big Redbass! It just took 3 tries.



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