Monday, October 15, 2012

From: 10/12 Solo, World Tour Fishing

-Headed out at in the dark Friday morning.

Pulled up on a generic spot, to work some large lures for possible BIG TROUT.  I caught ONE, on my Kick-A-Mullet.
As I mentioned in a video I made when just testing out this new lure from Egret Baits. Is that I seem to do well, working it just below the surface. The bait's wide wiggling and rattling tail section will throw a wake, as it rattles.

That's how I caught my only Trout!  Key word: ONLY!

Yes, I worked all around and ended up at Trout River, without as much as a swirl on any lures I threw.

I guess the Trout are all in "mud flat creek" or something. Because I surely couldn't find any and then it was 10am, that fast. I started casting and it was still dark. So I was at this for quite a while, today.

I decided to bottom fish with some dead shrimp. The Trout River mouth has plenty of "hard bottom" structure, and I've always like fishing around there.

So I caught some Croakers to 14-1/2 inches, and some yellowmouth trout. But it wasn't like I was into all larger fish. I was getting a bit bored. So I ran all the way back to the jetties.

Yeah, I "shoulda' coulda'" caught some Mullet when I was down there and fished a different way. But, this R&D I felt was really over. At least down here. Cause I go that way to catch Speckled Trout, and I was kinda upset I found only one. Even after hitting some new spots on the high tide that looked so damn promising.

At the jetties, I saw waves of Mullet just pouring in the rocks and swimming tight heading westward. They were EZ to catch. I just pulled ahead of them, and they'd swim around my boat, and I threw my net on some.

I got about 15 or so. I anchored up, dropped one out on a bottom rig and fished some dead shrimp on another rod. The mullet was getting pounded by pretty big Seabass, and the dead shrimp was pounded by Croakers!


(TIME to get the kids out for a morning.....they LOVE this kid of action!)

The key, is catching large Croakers, to keep me happy. They're becoming a nuisance, just like little Bluefish in the spring time!

So I pulled my anchor and changed tactics. I decided to Flounder fish.
I had maybe 10 Mullet left. So I used the "knocker-rig" with a bullet weight on my lightest rod I own.

I had no less than 2 on right away, fishing shallower water now. But even after the "bump-bump", letting them have it for a minute or two, then the run away with the bait. I'd do the "sweep-n-reel" on them and they'd get off!!!!!!!

3 reasons, I'm not a huge Flounder fisherman:

1- I hate loosing them! And the slowness of the fishing.

2 - The constant "re-rigging" that comes with bottom bumping

3- I'd rather catch them "here and there", on a float-rig!

That being said.....I finally caught a 5 pounder. Oh it was a nice Flounder. But it cost me 6 rigs, and in between I lost at least 6 other's.  They'd just seem to let go. I'd have Flounder heading upwards, after they'd run, I'd give them some time, and the whole deal.

Very frustrating. Seemed to be the theme of the day. Plus I made a video, rather than taking any photos. And when editing it and uploading it something happened and the whole video went bye-bye. Again, the unexplained computer glitch, screwed up the whole deal.

Just after spending HOURS editing the video for YOU. 

It  just wasn't my day!


What I'm waiting on:

Cooler water, and less Pinfish, and 4" Mangrove Snappers. So I can actually fish a expensive "live shrimp" with several people aboard. Which equals 8-12 dozen live shrimp! And fish the float-rigs for Reds, and Trout.

I've saved alot of money this year. Because I refused to float-rig fish if all I'm gonna do is feed pinners and needlefish. Or, my customers will feed them. Yeah, "I" may be able to slip a live shrimp through the masses of hungry bait-stealers. But my customers most likely won't.

When no fish are coming to the boat, people who are casual fisherman (maybe) get complacent. I have to constantly be on top of them having them adjust, do things different, and pay attention.

So, I avoided that frustration all summer long.

My float-rigging tackle is cleaned, oiled, and lubed, and oh so ready to go.

If you have not thought about booking your "HOLIDAY" charter day yet. It's time to get on the ball! If you have plans too. I've got days surrounding Thanksgiving already reserved!

Because, that's when I'll be attacking the Inlet with a vengence, livewell brimming with shrimp, float-rigs ready, and bottom fishing gear polished honed and ready to GO!

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