Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/12 - Veterans Day

Skirted the rain all day...."Veterans Day". That was one seriously HIGH Tide. Lumber, branches, grass islands, floating down the river that came off the shoreline.
Beloved "JETTIES", a no-go!
But, I had fun with with my litl' fishin' "gem" catching Croakers, Yellowmouth, Whiting, Seabass, a 2' Eel, and a few rocks., along with her Mom Erica and grandpa' Harold.
No serious gamefish to talk about. But literally a hundred Yellowmouth Trout (small ones) kept everyone catching, on not such of a great moon / tide day.
Tried TWICE, to get near the Jetties. In the morning the headed straight for the Big Rocks, and the tide was flooding over them, creating a super washing machine. Water didn't know what way to go. Slop & chop the whole way out...sort of. Navigating the nastiness to at least see the tips, wasn't good. Then, later in the day on the fsalling tide. "Ya know it's gonna be bad when the 3 foot swell coming in the rocks starts along Hugonaut park on the N. side of the river." We went and looked. And it was a "no-way!"
The little Jetty rocks is about the only place we could fish with light tackle. Kept 12 fish all day. Whiting,  two 15" Yellowmouths, and some Croakers. At the little Jetties the small 12-13" Yellomouth Trout were nuts. Hit the bottom with cut bait or shrimp and just set the hook! Hundred of them, No Problem!  They were so thick we saw a guy behind us with a three hook rig catching 3 at a time....like B-liners off-shore!
No Super Gamefish, no matter where we fished. Ya' think you'd bump a shrimp past a Drum, a Speck, or a Redbass at least along the structure??? 
But that's Bazzaro world Jax! 

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