Sunday, November 11, 2012

11/10 - One Tough Day

After re-scheduling two times because of winds before Hurricane Sandy, then winds after Hurricane Sandy, Jay and I settled for a Saturday. Originally, we were striving for a Monday. Weekends suck. Then, there's these weekends with tournaments going on, which really double suck!

Went from Thursday's video of a great float-rig Trout fishing day, with lots of action. To today's NO action on the float-rigs and No Trout to speak of.

Except for the one 12 incher I caught showing the guys how to float-rig fish this morning, and then the 4- 14 inchers, and one 16" Yellowmouth, I caught at the last spot of the day. For some reason neither Jay or Justin connected with a single Trout.

We bottom fished at the Jetties too. Inside the rocks the current was so strong a 6 ounce sinker wouldn't touch the bottom. So we went outside the jetties.

It was slow going, but we caught Whiting to 15 inches. I told Jay and Justin, my hardy crew of two that "Elephants Eat Peanuts", and that I don't fish any special baits for big Redfish when it comes November.


I just use fresh pieces of dead shrimp. Because I want to catch the Whiting, the Yellowmouth Trout, the Black Drum, the Sheepshead when bottom fishing.......along with the BIG REDS!

Yep, I hooked up a big Red, and handed the rod to Jay. The fish ran, but got off!  Then, 20 minutes later Justin hooks up on a big Red....same deal it runs and comes off.


A few more Whiting, and then Justin hooks up again. This time the fish stays on the 2/0 Matzuo sickle bend deadly sharp hook. With no real current pushing, and vertical fishing with 2 ounces on. These three fish never even knew they were hooked till you start pulling on them, and with no current pushing, they can go any direction they want......

Justins fish ran under the boat. I had him drop 3/4's of the length of his rod into the water and keep it there. Should have gotten a photo of him doubled over, rod down in the water, holding on for all he had. Trying not to loose this one.

Jay pulled the anchor a bit, I started the Honda and swung the boat. Then we finally saw the wild fish. And Justin brought it boatside.

18 pounder. One of three we hooked up. Finally a big fish, in the boat.

One thing I have learned over the course of my years Jetty fishing on weekends. "Go where it's the roughest, if you don't want people fishing around you. And you won't have to worry about other boats parking on top of you." 

We sat basically by ourselves over on the choppy Northside, which was good. It was "JETTYWOLF" territory. Cause she can handle it, no problem!

We moved and tried to fish the inside the jetties, but there were boats lined up and in the way, so I just anchored and all the bites were Croakers. Then we went back to float-rig fishing......that was futile. Coupled with no current on one spot, and I-95 weekender boat traffic on another. We moved again and that's when I caught 4 small Trout and a yellowmouth, while no one else hooked up anything.

So we packed it in to go clean a dozen Whiting and two Yellowmouth Trout.

I believe, the difference between THURSDAY and TODAY was this:
NEW MOON - 11/13/2012
The tides were a bit wacky.....

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