Friday, November 16, 2012

11/15 - LOVED IT!

And Moose did too!

Had regular customer Moose C. aboard today, for a impromptu TROUT TRACKIN TRIP....I'm liking those. The weather at the dock wasn't Good by no means this morning. The wind was howling, the air was cold and foggy.

And I had  NO PLANS at all, of fighting the conditions at the Jetties. Moose loves float-rigging the big rocks, as I do. But no sense fighting Momma Nature......"let's co-habitate, while we search for the Speckley Bastards."  The Pilot station flag was at FULL ATTENTION. Which said to me. "Jetties? way!"

As soon as Moose boots hit the deck, we were off. My plan was to stay out of the wind and use the "astronomical tide height" to my advantage, today. So we started off, with what I called the SHALLOW WATER FISHING TOUR.

First spot. Not 5 minutes away. But the wind direction was hitting us all wrong. So, we kept moving......

And in the next 5 spots we went too, the boat was in nothing more than 2-4 feet, and we were in Trout all day long! Yes, the water was high enough, that the 26' Jettywolf played "flats skiff", as we anchored up in water less deep than my anchor chain is long.

But that's where they were. Plus it was super pleasant. We were out of the North winds. On slick calm waters, fishing flooded grass edges and submerged shell and sand bars.

Not all the Trout were perfect keepers. But between us both there was no less than 20 caught, in the 14" to 22" range.
Had one Redbass on that broke Moose off. Caught a small pupper Red, along with a 23" Red. And a average Flounder.

All on the float-rig drifting live shrimp along the natural structures.

As the tide turned and headed the other direction finally, we worked a few river spots. And then hit the Croaker hole for some quick bottom fishing with just dead shrimp....."and yep, the B-I-G twelve inch and larger Croaks were still there!"
Along with masses of tiny Mangrove Snappers, which are always a pain in the ass. So after a handful of B-I-G Croakers, we packed it in and headed back to the dock for fish cleaning.
It was a fun day, and a different day. I actually enjoy these mega-high tides!! As long as I have one or two people, and we can get real versatile, like today.
Starting Monday-3 people, Tuesday- 2 people, Weds.- one person, Friday-3 people, Saturday-2 people.
Only day left open is Next Sunday.
-reports will be batched together as I can do them.

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