Friday, November 16, 2012

11/16 - still out there....

My 40 minutes of fame? And it's still out there...Wow.

 Actually it was 80 plus minutes. Because I did two complete videos.

Just thinking about it. I did these before "super braid" lines were popular, I was still using mono. I was fishing my own 23' MayCraft, and the dealer provided 22' Seachaser bay Boats, I ran at 6-9 month intervals before they were sold, and then I picked up a new one. I learned Trolling motors (at least back then) constantly broke! And that no matter what, customers hardly ever stood up on the front deck with me as I ran that trolling motor.....why? I never figured out. No sea-legs I guess.

Now, I look back on it, and have learned alot. And even though it took a year to get both videos I did completed. I would have done it differently today.

I didn't even own or thought I'd have a water-proof video camera on the boat, and didn't even know what having a Youtube channel meant.

Time sure does fly....huh?

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