Saturday, November 3, 2012

11/2- Two "float freaks" at it

My buddy and fellow float fishing freak is back in town, for the winter, Doc Miller. After yesterday's solo trip I called him and said "Doc, where are you because if you're not here in J-ville you need to be!"

He said, "I'm here. I'm getting my boat bottom painted and maintenance done." I tell him that we have to go tomarrow. I was just out float-rig fishing and it was a blast, plus I dropped to the bottom and had massive action on just dead shrimp and cut mullet.

Well, he couldn't say no. So we headed out around 8:00am and worked the same area I had fished the day before.
That right there was a Jacksonville fishing, "too much to ask" situation going on!

It was also, "In and out" constant Navy traffic all day long!

After all my years fishing the Jetties I should always know better. NOTHING around here can be repeated the next day. Especially when Trout are concerned!  It's a J-ville phenomenom.

But, we did pull a pupper Redbass and one really nice Trout out of the same spot......"But certainly not 30 Trout and 2 limits in an hour and a half!"

But we tried....and tried.

So we moved on, because when fishing around here. You fish "windows of opportunity". Because that's all you get. If you fish here and haven't realized that yet. Oh boy, you need to put more water under your boat.


Moving quickly and with purpose we dropped anchor on a different spot but in the same zip code. First drift of the float Doc sweeps his float-rog rod and sets the hook on a good fish. A Redbass!
My turn, and I come back with the seasons first float-rig caught Sheepshead.

We repeated the hook-ups back and forth for about an hour (the window) catching Reds and Trout back and forth. Big Red, small Reds, but sweetheart sized trout. (it's always about the Trout.....the thinkin man's perfect fish)

After the first hour though, it all quit. (Window over!) But it was amazing. The current was still running, but all of a sudden, the reds quit and the Trout went to 14 inches, versus 17-20 inches. I caught a left-over Jack Crevalle too.

I saw my third Tripletail swim by in the last two days, never stopping just swimming straight south.

We made a few more moves and all the windows of this tide were over, so we caught a Piggy Perch on the bottom and used it for cut bait and filled the cracks in the fish box with Yellowmouth Trout. And then we headed in. I had fish to clean and get ready for Saturday morning.


I had a Saturday charter 11/3

Had regular customer Erica with her two daughters out today and her daughters best friend. We fished the jetties and the kids had a ball catching Croakers, Whiting, Yellowmouth Trout, and they had two big Reds hooked up, that eventually pulled the hook. Yes, the big Reds usually aren't for the first timers, that are young girls. But heck they had the feel of them. We filled the box with fish fry fish and everyone by days end was laying down sleeping, while Erica and I did some drifts for Whiting far from the jetties. But most were really small. 

NEXT UP: 3 guys on Monday & Tuesday. Same crew for 2 days. 


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