Sunday, November 25, 2012

11/25 - 2 hr Kids trip

Had Rachel B. and her two boys aboard this morning at 10am for a few hours. Didn't want to leave too early. Because it was kind of chilly this morning early. Plus, I just wanted some decent falling tide.

Turned out it was super nice. NO WIND, and hardly anyone around. I really love that! Guess everyone burned their wicks  down by today on this big Holiday.

But this Holiday is the start to the finest my comfortable fishing of the year. Having to wear a Jacket, and maybe even a pair of long johns is always better than sweating at 8am.

We went to the Jetties. Ran all the way to the tip. The Ocean was green and calm. Then, we went back and anchored up in 8-10' of water and I showed the kids the float-rig.

They caught 4 Trout right away! And we also pitched out shrimp on the bottom to see what was going on, and caught 3-4 small Whiting.

They got to see the little Turtles that hang around the Jetties, and the Dolphins. On this short trip that's just a "Taste" of what I do, this time of year......


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