Friday, November 9, 2012

11/9 - Really Dumb...and I'm putting it nicely.

A Basketball game on a aircraft carrier on Mayport Navy Base, and open to the public.

Navy-Marine Corps Classic
Naval Station Mayport
Witness the University of Florida Gators take on the Georgetown Hoyas on November 9, 2012 at Naval Station Mayport. The nationally televised basketball game, organized by the City of Jacksonville, will be held in conjunction with the Thursday, November 8 Jacksonville Jaguars football game against the Indianapolis Colts as a part of Military Appreciation Week on November 5-12, 2012.

Are you kidding me????

And at the same exact time. You and I CAN'T fish along the rocks that are along the bank of "OUR" St. Johns River. Not the Navy's St. Johns River.  We have to remain 380' off the bank, which puts you in the channel to get run over by a 500 plus foot ship or giant Tug Boat.

I've had the link on the sidebar of this blog for at least a year now. Discribing what the Navy has done to YOU and ME as local anglers. Personally, I feel as if they came to my house and literally stole tackle from me. Because it effected my Charter Business. The more "shoreline" I loose, the less places I have to find my clients fish.

Yep, here's where we can't fish any longer, and where the public can watch a B-ball game......"stupid". the ole Military saying goes, "Do as I say not as I do"

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