Friday, December 14, 2012

12/14 - Can't hurt tryin'

Don't know why I'm expecting any more out of, "Bazzaro World Florida", but for some reason I always do. Shows that I am not a poo-poo'er. But rather a "fishing optimist"!

I talked to Doc Miller and was sooooooo glad to have such a good day yesterday with Tim and the nasty weather.

So I said, "if it's gonna be nasty again, lets go!"

So off we headed this morning to the same areas. And with an even better tide. The same areas as yesterday were,

Bazzaro World strikes again!

So we opted to just fish some old places I haven't been too in a decade.

PUP RED BONANZA.....max fish size: 16"

Toss in a small Trout or two.......well, actually I did catch a 16 inch trout earlier. But one out of nuthin is not really killin' it. And Doc caught a throw back earlier too.

So we didn't leave fish to go find fish on a smoking incoming NEW MOON tide in the river. This was about as good as it's gonna get.

It was cold, windy, but not raining. "A good thing???"  Not sure, we did better yesterday in the super nasty.

So after a good amount of pup Redfish, I just had to fish an ancient spot that I have not fished in years. I wanted and was hoping for Black Drum on the float-rigs and a few more Trout, at least.


The next spot gave me two more Trout in the fish box and 3 pup sized Black Drum. "TARGETED SPECIES!"
That means alot. Go to a spot and target a species and catch that species. I like it!
NO they weren't huge......but they were over "legal". Which had them meeting Mr. Ice Chest.
Throw back Trout, a few keepers, alot of small Redfish, and three keeper drum, and one small Flounder. Not great, not yesterday's Trout action. Not Jetty sized Trout. But it was fishing on another day that was blowing and cold.
And I like it!
A FISH FRY, in the makin'. Add a few PBR's and this fisherman's happy.
As the afternoon went on the sun broke out as I washed the boat off at home. So the "front" has passed. And by this weekend it's supposed to be warm again.
Not sure if I like that.
It's winter! Remember? "I thrive under less that perfect weather conditions."
Till next time, 

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