Friday, December 14, 2012

12/13 - Rain, Wind, Cold, Overcast & Nasty..."go shallow angler man!"

Had Tim, a long time customer from St. Pete area on board today. And I just had to make a video of us. Tim was wearing an old Foul Weather suit of mine I brought for him. Because he had no "nasty weather apparel" with him.

We hit the "cove" and caught fish from the first drift of our floats to the last. Had a ball as the temp fell even more, and the wind blew like hell. PLUS, IT WAS THE DAY OF THE NEW MOON AND THE TIDE WAS MEGA HIGH.  Perfect for a 26' boat to go fish 2-3 feet of water, along the submerged marsh.

But, when dressed right, and with the right attitude. This can be just the ticket.

Personally, I thrive on adverse weather conditions. And the cold doesn't bother me what so ever. I have the gear!
I don't supply foul weather gear to everyone, like a Alaskan fishing lodge. It just happened to work that way, today.

Always dress for success!

Here's Tim's "Copper beauty" Redbass:

Here's what the Trout eat.......BIG POGIES. Plus, "our live shrimp"

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