Saturday, December 29, 2012

12/28 - FULL MOON TIDES...still!

Had to deal with the moon again, on the 28th too. Getting all my "Christmas crews" out. But today we rescheduled from back on the 26th, when it rained in the morning and was blowing a gale. So, day two of heinous FULL MOON tides!

After yesterday, I thought I'd be a "tad" smarter. I had regular, Tom O. and family aboard. And said, "let's not even depart till 10am. Maybe this will help with fishing less current".

But as we left and headed to the first spot. The tides current was still super wicked. Water moving this fast doesn't have any fish biting.

So you'd think!

But after fishing the spot, with frustration brewing like a thick black cup of coffee. Is when Jeff's float goes down! He was a bit shocked, because of all of the NON-floats going down. And when he reeled....He had himself a BIG Trout!

Not bad at all a 23 incher!

But as we continued to work the area, with the current just way too strong. We gave up and headed east. Hoping for less current and alot more fish.

But that didn't seem to be the deal.....we went to the jetties and the current was great, but there wasn't any bites! And now on the second spot. Fletcher, Jeff's son a "pro skate boarder" bangs into a rock with his float-rig, the float wobbles, and then it slams down......FISH-ON!
I guess if we can't catch "A LOT" of Trout today. We'll just catch BIG ones....Fletchers Trout is yet another healthy 23 incher!
We continue fishing the same spot, and absolutely ZERO is going on. So we move again, after taking a vote. Because about now, I'm at my wits-end!
We move, and at the next spot the guys to continue to fish hard. And mother nature just doesn't seem to care. GAWD, how I hate these ridicules tides!  As I always say, "When I grow up, I wanna be a Gulf Coast angler some day....."
But Jeff finds a fish willing to eat, and boats another large trout. This time a 21-1/2 incher!

Okay, that's 3 over 20 inches...and there's 4 of us on board. One more fish over 20 inches allowed. So if all the rest are over 20 inches, according to the unfriendly Florida Trout limit regs. If we catch another over 20" fish we have our over 20" limits for the boat, and if the 5th fish is over 20 inches it'll have to be released. Gotta love the "catch-22" screw ya over on a tough day fishing laws in Florida, huh?  And don't forget to measure.
But, Momma nature wasn't going to allow us the luxury of cussing the State of Florida, out. Because finally Tom, Jeff and Fletchers "host of this angling adventure" catches a TROUT!
And it a 21-1/2 incher!
And we never got another one, and via fishing like mad men we finally ran out of 10 dozen live shrimp!
So the guys struggled, but came up with 4 over 20 inch Trout. And now I know Tom probably hates these Full Moon "ludicrous" tides, as much as I do.
But he's ready to go out again next month. On hopefully a "normal tidal" day.

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