Monday, December 10, 2012

12/8 - Tis' the season for limits!!!!!!!!

The bottom bite at the inlet and in the river seems to have really fell off since last tuesday. As I just like to fish some shrimp on the bottom during a falling tide and maybe get Drum, Reds, Yellowmouth Trout etc.

But the last two days have had me watching my 12" sounder screen and seeing no life down deep. So that meant ONE thing. Wait for the ripp, roaring tide to slow down (gawd how I'm over that current!) then bust out the float-rigs and send some live shrimp out behind the boat.

And when done properly.....(IE: getting a good day, and working hard) "THIS IS WHAT YA GET!"

Had Robert, Scott & Ed aboard on Saturday. And the guys had to work hard, for the first few. Because the current was so ripping.
But when it slowed.

Mayhem, insued!

One after another came to the net.

Even Ed's good sized Yellowmouth trout. But it was wierd. The Trout waited to go nuts, when the current died. I guess they're as over the hassles as much as I am.

Sure, Ed put some to the boat while the tide was freakishly blazing along in 10' of water. And they were small Trout.

Then, Robert caught up. But Scott....he wasn't feeling the same love.

But as we fished, it all worked out and limits as I said, came to the net and went into the fish box. Trout to 21-22".

It was F-U-N.


 Box starting to fill by the minute.....


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