Monday, December 10, 2012

12/9 - More of the same. A good thing!

Left out early....because it was a weekend. I call it my "default departure time" 7:00am on ALL WEEKENDS!
Being that the slow down of persons on the river has not happened yet.

Evidence is the jetties lined with "sheepherders". Bow to stern, those "all bones a head" fish, don't stand a chance.

If they only knew what was swimming under their boat. But it's great that they don't care.

Had Micheal and son Matt aboard today. Leaving early didn't match up with the proper float-rig fishing tide. So we bottom bumped around. Not alot of action.

Then I had a chance to get a slot in the row of boats, per buddy Doc Miller. He had his limit and was going home. So we slid in and Matt had action on his 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th drifts with nice "sweetheart" sized Trout!

The boy, was now officially "SPOILED".

Between Matt and dad, they quickly put limits in the boat. And we finished our day, cleaning a pile of Trout, and one big Yellowmouth , a few Croakers and just for the heck of it a mutant sized Pinfish.

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