Monday, December 3, 2012

Dec 6th - Free Seminar and Chowda???? YEP.

DEC. 6 th 7:00pm
at Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club
Mayport Boat Ramp...
"It's Chowder cook-off night!!"
And seminar via "ME" on Float-rig fishing for "ALL" species, EZ.

Take it to the next level, come visit the "Home of the El Cheapo Sheepshead Tourney"

"Free seminar. Free chowder, what could be more fun on a Thursday evening......don't answer that!"

Win the El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament and never ever buy a FIDDLER CRAB, or loose a rig.

10 pounder's smoke ya' on the float
It could be done!


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